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Reino Unido

An absolutely amazing month in Portugal, Orange Terrace Hostel is absolutely lovely and the staff have their own private patio at the back with hammocks and even a little pool! Roy and Aline were very welcoming and Aline is a wonderful cook! If I ever find myself back in Portugal it will definitely be here!

11 días atrás


Experiência incrível, Roy e Aline são gente muita boa, nunca fiquei num hostel tão limpo e organizado. Em todos os sentidos foi um grande aprendizado, só tenho a agradecer e recomendar o Orange Terrace para quem quiser participar como Staff ou se hospedar.

30 días atrás


Amazing experience! They have become my family now and I definitely recommend this for everyone!

11 meses atrás

Costa Rica

5 stars overall! No complaints. If you like absolute organization and structure, the Orange Terrace might be for you. But if you like cozy homey spaces, you're going to love it. It's a great family.

1 año atrás


What can I say about this magical place?
I went to Portugal without knowing what to expect (as it was my first time volunteering in a Hostel). When I arrived I was surprised by the place and the people.
The work was really nice, as I had fun working and helped the hostel.
The staff is really welcoming and they are great people. Roy, Aline, John, Jenny, the others volunteers and the guests were awesome, we had really good moments!
After 3 weeks there I felt like I was home and those people became a family!
So, if you want a good adventure, the Orange Terrace Hostel is the place to be!

1 año atrás