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Benefits with Otra Cosa: • Mentorship, training and advice from OCN professionals to help you with your dissertation • Work with the local team in Peru and with the International OCN team • Liaison with your university department to ensure that the placement meets all requirements for your course, so you can gain the relevant course credits • Completion of all relevant documents and reports required by your university relating to your placement • Adaptation of work hours and timetable to comply with your university’s requirements • Taking part in bespoke in-house training, introducing you to the world of humanitarianism and development NGOs – touching on a wide range of basic skills such as the creation and implementation of a project plan, including Needs Assessment, Log Frames and GANTT charts • Formal internship reference letter for future employment • Enhance your career prospects by saying you completed a formal internship with Otra Cosa Network on your CV • Access to key respondents for your interviews who conform our network including professionals in education, justice and environment • Access to the local university, use of the local library and translation/interpreting services Volunteers come to Otra Cosa Network for is reputation and outstanding network. The office of Internships and Career Development in collaboration with many universities work together with the interns for them to have a great and productive experience during their time with us. Otra Cosa Volunteer House and Facilities: One of the services Otra Cosa Network provides to all volunteers is the arrangement of affordable, long-term housing in Huanchaco and Trujillo in the Otra Cosa Network Volunteer House, in local hostels, in a local apartment with local Family Homestays. Living with a local family is a great way to really immerse yourself in Peruvian culture and improve your Spanish if it's not quite perfect already! The Otra Cosa Network Volunteer House is a great way to get to know other likeminded volunteers and to have a good time whilst supporting each other through the ups and downs of adjusting to life in Peru. The house can have up to 5 volunteers at any one time and, so there is a real family atmosphere to fit in to as soon as you arrive. An affordable and comfortable option.

The Otra Cosa Network team is made up of our two Directors who are based in Warwick, UK and our local team in Huanchaco, Peru. Our team is friendly and welcoming, and we have people from all over the world. It does not take long to feel comfortable working for OCN!

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