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Overstay Jaffa Hostel is the first Israel community hostel for a better travelling experience in terms of inner and outer journey. We truly believe that sharing common experiences is a world changing act - living together, maintaining home, participating and initiating bonding wall-breaking activities, creating and expanding our belief systems by connecting with each other in being and doing. Do you feel like contributing your skills, knowledge, vision, passion and being in exchange for togetherness, creativity and full support? Do you want to get envolved in good projects with local israeli people and new friends from all over the world? Raising energies? Getting high on life? Going deeper within and expressing your authenticity freely? We search for dreamers, artists, handymen and life engineers, social media and marketing experts, receptionists and cleaners for making the community hostel a better place for travellers and seekers from anywhere. If you want to volunteer or to be hosted as a guest contact us. We are glad to provide you with accomodations and meals during the whole period of colaboration. Share your passion along with your action!

We already opened a couple of backpackers hostels so we know what is important and how to manage the team. We are family. and we enjoy working together on the hostel, welcoming guests and just going to the beach.

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O hostel é incrível, as pessoas que aqui trabalham também, com ctz Overstay se tornou minha casa em Tel Aviv! Recomendo a todos um intercâmbio por aqui... além de um ambiente sensacional, TLV é uma cidade que não para... cheia de bares/clubs, street art e muita história!




Foi uma experiencia ótima e o lugar tem uma energia ótima. Agradeço muito aos menegers que são muito gentis!




I loved my stay in Overstay. I had a very nice and unforgotable time. Very close to Jaffa old city and the beach. I am in love with Tel Aviv, what can I say about it. Thanks a lot Danie for your support and love, It will be in heart forever, and I will truly miss it. If you want to have a very nice experience, do not hesitate to volunteer at this place.




Overstay Jaffa is my house in Israel! I can’t put in words how much I like and appreciate everything about this place... if you are looking to volunteer in Tel Aviv, be sure this is the right hostel! It’s my second time here and I’m sure I’ll keep coming back! Adir and Kira, I love you guys ❤️




My overall experience of hosts and hostel is positive, maybe except from location - it's really quite far away from central Tel Aviv. It's a bit different with working hours and tasks - remember, you will be LITERALLY running a hostel since there is almost no paid staff there except from two receptionists. Tasks are serious, it's 6 hours of day and night (3-9 am reception shift!!) stuffed with things to do, so almost a full time job. Food budget is a good thing though. Other activities, like going for grocery shopping, vegetables picking or staff meeting will be also taking your free time.


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