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We are a Permaculture Farm & Yoga Retreat in the magnificent Kotor Bay area of Montenegro. (Please read our profile completely and carefully before sending us a request) 🙏🏽😊🌈☀️ *Update for March&April 2023: We only have availability for Skilled Handy Men/Women who can work with power tools, experienced in DIY / Wood workers / or high motivated strong body for cutting woods and cleaning the land out of overgrown shrubs and bushes. 💪🏽😀 About us: We decided to start a farm with a small organic garden and some animals to have fresh vegetables, cheese and eggs, living in the pure nature peacefully and sharing this peace & love with others through some Yoga & Meditation activities. 🙏🏽😊🍀❤️ We are at the very beginning stage of our farm retreat, so still working on making new gardens, fences for animals, clearing up the land from overgrown shrubs & bushes and of course having fun, having yoga & Meditation workshops and basically enjoying our life in harmony with nature without using any intoxications.

Community Life: Our daily life is pretty similar to any other community farms which goes around picking vegetables from the garden, cooking, cleaning and the most important one, Sharing a BIG SMILE! 😃 And it is VERY VERY important for us to keep our place clean and tidy so we always enjoy hosting volunteers who are organized and neat freak. 😄👍🏽 And please consider that our daily life tasks are not part of the working time. (We all cook, eat and wash & clean after in our own home so please feel at home! 🙏🏽😊) Summer time: (May-October) We need volunteers in 8 different positions (depends on your skills and interests you can apply for one or more) * (For the positions no. 1,2,3 and 7 if you stay more than 3 months after the first month of trial we can talk about a monthly wage for your contribution.) 1- Kitchen: Cooking and serving vegetarian food for 15- 20 people. 2- Housekeeping: Making and keeping all common areas clean & tidy (neat freaks have priority 😉), Watering the garden & picking vegetables, and feeding animals. 3- Yoga: If you can share Yoga, Meditation, Dance or any conscious activities.🙏🏽 4- Babysitting: recently we got a new member in the community, a new born baby boy 👶🏻 Helping us to take a good care of him would be so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ 6- Artist: we need someone who is good to take professional photos for our website and make videos for our social media. And we have an old car which is waiting to be painted crazy 😜 it is parked in the middle of our garden and it will be a toolshed. 7- Construction jobs: If you are skilled in carpentry we are renovating a stone house and building some wooden objects (Tree house, doors, staircase & furnitures) So at the moment we need a wood worker, and if you are not skilled in wood working we have a lot of sanding and painting jobs. 8- If you are not skilled or interested in the tasks above the main task would be clearing up the land out of shrubs and bushes, weeding & trimming, so be prepared for hard physical chores 💪🏽 and monotone meditative tasks which suits to self motivated characters. So be honest with yourself since our minimum stay is one month 😉 In general we have a very dynamic life and we need help here and there and everyday is a new day with a new surprise 😄 so switching in different tasks happens, especially on the days-off of the other volunteers we need to cover their tasks so being flexible is necessary. 😊🙏🏽🍀 Winter time: (November-March) We need long-term volunteers to stay minimum 3 months for house sitting while we are gone in winter. (longer stay up to 5 months has priority) November to March/April. Accommodation: Bungalow or Caravan. By the way, since we mentioned at the beginning “please read our profile completely and carefully” we want to thank you for your respect for reading it down to here carefully and please send us your request with the code “olive” in the subject of your message so we can recognize you easily. 😉🙏🏽 And please in your request rate yourself between 0 to 5 about: - Keeping your surrounding clean - Being organized - Punctuality - Honesty We are sharing our life with our volunteers so it is very important to us who is joining our Family even for a short period therefore we always make a video call to know each other better before making our final decision. (Minimum Stay: 1 month) Please don’t ask for less.


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I stayed in Pachamama for one month, and it was a really lovely experience 💛
The farm is located in a precious spot, surrounded by nature, and the place is perfect for those looking to be in a relaxed and contemplative environment.
The work was sometimes physically demanding, but Pasha, the owner, is super comprehensive, open to dialog and warm hearted - both him, Zoé and the other volunteers were always super sweet, and the general vibe was loving and welcoming :)
Thank you for everything, it was a true pleasure! 🙏🏻✨🌻

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Para mí fue un voluntariado fuera de serie ! Un desafío personal porque en Pachamama se encuentra bastante quietud y paz y yo soy muy inquieta. . Disfruté todo lo que hice y la compañía de mis compañeros. Apliqué para dar clases, me hubiera gustado dar más pero todo lo demás en lo que colaboré me gustó. Agradezco la confianza que depositaron en mi para cuidar al bb más hermoso del planeta "Yiyi" . Todo en Pachamama es lindo, sus animales, Pichi, Tito, Xixa, Xacu, Carlos y todas sus novias, en fin rodeada de amor del bueno, y el gusto de saborear exquisitas comidas con los voluntarios "chefs"

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There is much love here. It’s very hard to leave this place. There’s also trust and respect and lots of laughter. I highly recommend spending some time at Pachamama Farmstay.

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Pachamama is a place to relax in nature and get in contact with your spirituality.
Zoey and Pasha, the hosts, are just lovely and very communicative with what is needed, always taking care of the volunteers and spreading love and companionship between the staff.
Some days you could be working just a few hours, but you balance it with busy days. Tasks can go from the kitchen, to the garden, cleaning and other stuff.
The place is in the middle of the mountains in Montenegro, but you can still go to the beach by foot in about an hour.
This place really inspires me to develop my own project! 💗

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Não tenho palavras para descrever a extraordinária experiência que tive no Pachamama. Com certeza foi um dos meus melhores voluntariados. Pasha, Zoé e o pequeno Jiji, deixaram tudo tão fácil. As tarefas são simples. A comunicação é maravilhosa. Um mistura de amor e aprendizado resumi a experiência. Todos deveriam conhecer esse lugar e essas pessoas. Sou eternamente grato por tudo e por todos eles. Espero voltar em breve ou nos encontrarmos por esse mundo. Obrigado família Pachamama

hace 8 meses

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