Pacheco Farmhouse

Pacheco is very small start-up farmhouse with capacity for up to 15 guests. We are right outside the clouded forest in the Intag Valley in Ecuador, one the most beautiful and biodiverse places on the planet and only 1 hour away from Otavalo and 3 from Quito. The pacific coast is about 3 hours away. All of our food is sourced locally or grown in our back yard, colourful, healthy and tasty. The fruit is amazing! It's the perfect place for nature lovers :)

I am a 40 year old events/tv producer who got tired of the city noise, the pollution and the traffic and decided to move out here and start this business. I've lived in many places over the last 20 years, London, New York, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Quito and so on. I love travelling, music, films, cooking and working in the veggie garden. Lynch is the Chef, he has worked for one of the best catering companies in Buenos Aires, The Galapagos and so on, he is here now creating an amazing menu based on local and seasonal ingredients. Maria is our housekeeper, she comes from a tiny village up in the mountains near by, she worked here for many years with the previous owner and decided to stay on with us. She is lovely and we are very happy to have her. 'Chavo' is the handy-man, there's nothing he can't fix or build, he takes care of the grounds, lifts all the heavy stuff and is always ready to give a hand. I'm very happy with the team I'm building, we are getting things done and it's starting to look gorgeous! We opened our doors in mid May and things are going well, it's gonna be a great summer! Volunteers will be a part of the Pacheco family along with everyone mentioned above, a puppy dog and 2 cats. Getting here: Take a bus to Otavalo at Carcelen bus station in northern Quito and from there one to 'Intag'. Direct buses run 3 times a day at 07:30, 10:00 & 14:00, bus companies: 'Otavalo' and '6 de Julio'. The bus will bring you directly to our doorstep just 3 miles South of Apuela. ​


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Pacheco is perfect if you're looking for a really nice place out of crowded cities. The nature around is beautiful, between the amazingly green mountains, the river, the waterfalls and even more, you won't be disappointed.

The staff is really friendly (even if your Spanish is not that good), everybody is really helpful and ready to teach you whatever you want to know about their knowledge, you can feel like home in no-time.

There is no stress in the working part neither, as long as you're being part of the daily tasks and make the place looking even more amazing !



Pacheco is everything you'd dream of when you think of Pinterest, reclaimed wood, a light and breezy atmosphere, an environment filled with love, and being immersed in nature. Using my eye for photography while learning to master WIX online pages allowed me to practice what I love while testing it to grow in an encouraging and welcoming environment. Jimena, Chavo, Maria, the two cats, and Oso the fluffy puppy welcomed me right in and immediately, I felt at home.


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Thanks a lot hon! Perhaps we'll see you again at Pacheco some time ;)

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