Pacific Tradewinds Hostel

We are a quirky, spontaneous, friendly, super social group of travelers that have fallen in love with San Francisco and have decided to stay awhile. And we happen to call the smallest and friendliest hostel in town, home. We love meeting travelers from all over the world and swapping stories, meals, laughs and hugs. From time to time we happen to meet travelers that would be a great fit in our community. A handful of us live communally and share tasks to keep our hostel home clean, organized and fun. If you believe that strangers are friends you haven’t met yet and kindness is the most important thing — then we would love to chat with you. This is not a work exchange nor does it meet the U.S. legal definition of ”quid pro quo”, instead this is an invitation to introduce yourself to us and see if there's a possibility you might want to stay a while in San Francisco's friendliest communal living arrangement for travelers. Here you will make lifelong friends and have unforgettable experiences. Housemates typically stay 1-3 months before heading off to their next destination. Others may stay longer or shorter it just depends on how life at the hostel is flowing. Let’s chat! Until then, happy trails… Much Aloha, Shelby **“Be excellent to each other!”**

We value community and kindness here at Pacific Tradewinds., and strongly believe that strangers are friends you haven't met yet. You can always expect to be treated with respect and acceptance here while fostering lifelong friendships throughout your stay.

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