Pal's Hostel & Apartments

This is not a regular hostel but a chain of apartments around St Stephen’s Square. We have an international staff helping us everyday and we really appreciate sharing experiences with everyone.

Volunteers will be treated in the same way we treat our staff, with respect and integrity. Come to be part of Pal's Hostel and Apartments :)

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I had an amazing experience at Pal's Hostel & Apartments during 1 month! The tasks are easy and they have a flexible schedule. Besides that, Budapest is an incredible place to stay!
I'd like to thanks all volunteers and everyone from staff, especially Max, Levi and Eszter.
So grateful for the opportunity and for the new friends I made there. I truly recommend this experience. :)

1 mes atrás


Pals Hostel is a great place for working, all your working hours are arrange since the beginning and the staff is very cool, I really enjoyed my time with them and I totally recommend this place. Thank you for everything guys, i am going to miss the gulays :)

1 mes atrás


The hostel is extremely organised and well maintained, the tasks are easy and clear and your schedule is completely flexible, beyond that the staff are amazing and friendly and they treat the volunteers very well. I've still got a few days left here but I already miss everything and everyone, furthermore I would strongly recommend this place and I just want to thank all the fantastic people that I met here and that made my experience perfect and unforgettable.

8 meses atrás


Recomiendo mucho este lugar, aquí son todos muy muy amigables y es el mejor ambiente.
Es literalmente en el centro de Budapest, a 10 metros de la puerta de la Bazilika.
El barrio es histórico-patrimonial y todo queda cerca, bares, comida, pálinkas, museos y tres lineas del metro se juntan aquí.
Los horarios de trabajo son flexibles y acomodables, por lo que siempre habrá ocasión de disfrutar el tiempo y la ciudad.
Si eliges aquí, de seguro estarás muy content@.

9 meses atrás


It was very nice perfect time for winter. The hostel was great, the staff awesome and the city AMAZING!

11 meses atrás

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