Palaung Taung View Resting Place @ Kalaw

My Place is located on the slope of mountain where Palaung tribe live, among young Avocado plants, mature tea and orange plantation. There is no electricity, no running water. You will sleep in a tent located in the bamboo room or open air or in the forest ,wake up in the morning listening to the bird songs, enjoy the very beautiful Palaung mountain view ,sunset, fresh air, cool weather ,take shower in the forest. Your time off can be spent trekking to The famous INLE lake , deep forest , visiting to the village of the Pa-Laung tribe , old railway station , learn about natural farming and endless activities. Better physical and mental strength can be expected through natural living experience .

The land with Advocado plants will be developed as a resting place. A tent located in the bamboo room or open air and composting toilet will be provided free of charges. You will pay for transportation to Palaung Taung from Kalaw town and groceries that can be purchased at the mini store. You learn how to make wood fire , collect firewood and water from the forest nearby and cook for yourself. You just help for 15 hours per week , cutting weeds and general works. I am honest, friendly ,helpful and willing to share all my experiences , local culture and really can take good care of you.


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Pa Laung Taung Camp is definetely one of the best experiences of my trip. You'll be able to enjoy the nature. The sound of the birds will wake you up in the morning . Everything surrounded by an eco- sustainable avocado farm. I just have one more thing to say.
Thanks for everything Win.


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