Pangeo Forest Village

The traveling volunteer who will choose to come to the Forest Village of Paggaio, is the volunteer who wants a quiet and enjoyable environment in nature, he is the one who will not be stressed during his work, but will also live in a place where thousands of years before it was chosen by hundreds of Greeks and not just tribes to inhabit. The combination of mountain and sea (only 20 minutes away) makes it ideal.

Although I live in the mountains for many hours, probably most of the day, almost 14 hours and a few 24 hours, I do not consider myself lonely, but on the contrary very social and I really like company and that is why I am addressing and to volunteers. The volunteer who will come here would like to keep in mind that if he wants a lot of noise he will not like it, but if he wants slow pace and good company then it is his best choice.

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