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Immerse yourself in pristine nature haven retreat and experience hands on relation with 3 acres of amazing exotic plants and off grid natural homestead. Experience fresh coconuts, avocadoes from our food forest and bicycle through old growth mango forest to Mermaid Tide ponds, where you can bask in ocean water and lay on rocks. Our inviting property offers full amenities with meditative views, birdsong, wafting floral scents, and peaceful ambience, Familiarize yourself with tropical plants, permaculture practices and natural living. This is truly off grid with wired internet which allows you to take a break from wifi emfs for naturally restorative experience. Natural diet, and work and play on the property is sure to enhance physical strength, vitality and rejuvenation. Come experience the peace, birdsong and beautiful sounds of nightly rains.

Greetings, I welcome you to my 3 acre homestead. I am a single woman practicing wholistic healthy lifestyle for 30 plus years. i am a nature adventurer and into super healthy food and lifestyle. I'm a permaculture enthusiast. I’m happy to share my homestead and lifestyle with those eager for a hands on experience. This is a haven, a piece of paradise with full bouquet of flowers, palms, old growth trees, coconut and fruit trees and birdsong. we are in a unique pristine area. this is sure to be an enriching experience.


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I really enjoyed my time in sherry’s house, she is very kind and she always tries to get you feel comfortable. We work hard to finish the house but she was considered and I got a totally week off. I really felt connected with the nature, the island is absolutely beautiful with a lot of good energy. Thank you sherry!

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Sherry! Words can not amount to the abundance of grace, peace, and balance i found sharing this beautiful experience with you. I feel eternally grateful that the universe placed me in such alignment.

I will keep everything short and sweet because that's just how i am.
Listening to the birds sing during the day and the Coqui frog sing there little songs at night; the way the breeze brushes through the trees and wipes the land with its hand - it is truly TRULY a sacred land. The abundance is extraordinary. You made me feel very comparable and i loved nurturing the land together. Mahalo

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The property was very beautiful but off the grid. If you don’t mind putting in some elbow grease with the tasks you are assigned to then you should be fine, otherwise I would suggest finding another place. I got lucky and was able to get a bed. The food was a very tricky situation. If you like organic mostly vegetarian foods then it shouldn’t be a problem but if not you have to get very creative on what you can make. Laundry is done maybe every 2-3 weeks so keep that in mind. If you are someone who does not like living off the grid I would not suggest this place at all.

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Sherry respondido

Aloha, Hannah’s stay was one week so I’m not sure how she assessed my laundry schedule which is in accurate. I do things as needed. I understand travelers need their laundry done frequently as they travel light. Also, off grid means we have our own power and water supplies and not depends t on the grid. I’m proud that I have scaled myself up to state of the art hefty power supply and rain water catchment is far superior to municipal water. We have an over abundance of power and water. Yes! I supply a wholesome healthy vegetarian kitchen with eggs, cheese, coconut meat, fruits, nuts, seeds, nut butters, grains, vegetables and occasional fish. Packers can augment more fish if they want it. Communication is key to getting your needs fulfilled. I aim to keep everyone happy. I prefer to not have red meat in the kitchen. There are 3 beds available. Hannah was here during a peak time but I’m no longer hosting more than three at a time. Again, I aim to keep everyone in their comfort zone. I also have a beautiful camp site which is secluded with new high arched tarp above, a new spacious tent and it’s very beautiful by bamboo and some palms rainbow eucalyptus for anyone who wants closer to earth experience as an option. Beds are available to all. This is heaven for those who love nature immersion and outings. Hannah didn’t participate in any outings and preferred to relax at home which is completely fine. Thanks for any feedback. I’m always aiming to provide an enriching experience. We are almost done with house renovation and now focusing on grounds garden care with less packers so it keeps changing and evolving. I welcome people who are interested in such.



Si vous chercher à faire de la permaculture ce n’est pas l’endroit qui est fait pour vous. Cela a été intéressant mais surtout très dure et irrespectueux sur de nombreux aspects.
Concernant les lyft, ne compter pas dessus non plus car elle ne vous les accordera que si elle le souhaite. Quand nous sommes arrivée il n’y avait pas assez de lit pour tout le monde donc une d’entre nous a du dormir sur un canapé, pendant une semaine…

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Sherry respondido

Thank you for your feedback. There was some confusion because Carla and friend didnt understand or speak English as well as they said they were understanding. This is a 45 year old off grid sustainable homestead. We implement permaculture practices; we are a casual homestead and not a production farm. We picked Carla up once in Hilo and once in Pahoa and dropped them off in Pahoa as requested to catch the bus. There is a free bus from Hilo to Pahoa sparing us 40 miles of driving; she was expecting us to pick her up in Hilo but we said to take the free bus to Pahoa which they did and we picked them up there. There was one week that we had 4 people and no one wanted the tent so one slept on the couch. I will not book more than 3 going forward as our needs here for help has decreased as well. I have to say, I slept on that couch for a week in January and its super comfortable and I really liked it but no longer an issue. Thanks for all. All the best.

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I really loved my stay here(: I connected with other travelers from several countries, got to meet locals and be emersed in the natural world of big island, and Sherry showed us the natural attractions like hot springs and tidal pools. The work is fun and varies day to day, mostly renovations and maintenance of the property, playing it be ear with the weather(rain). The accommodation for volunteers is definitely rustic, in other words be ok with some spiders etc, and bring ear plugs because you will hear everything in nature! It is a very beautiful property and the energy was wonderful.

hace 12 meses

Sherry respondido

Mahalos! It was special to connect with you! I really enjoyed our trip to the waterfall, first Friday street music, ecstatic Bee dance was so fun, the hula was special and also working with you was a great pleasure! Mahalos!

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