You have the opportunity to work with many different people - with many different life stories. We are the contact point for many people with problems and try to help them together. Here you can learn well to deal with different people and their specific problems.

You will become part of our multicultural team. You will learn to work with different people from many countries and cultures. Young and old, women and men, healthy and sick. People who have just fled or who are homeless ...


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My experience in St. Peter's Catholic Church (Petershof) was unforgettable, it's a Family headed by P Oliver for all refuges, homeless people, workers, volunteers and everyone who wants to join. I had time to travel, practice my English, share good time with Emine, Bedia, Kai (staff Petershof) and other volunteers (Carlos 🇲🇽 and Sameera 🇰🇼).
I would like to come back one day 😊🙏

hace 14 días



It was an amazing experience! I met some people from different countries and cultures, also the cultural exchange in Petershof is fine!
I feel very happy about this experience because of the friends I met, the German classes and tours in the city. The staff always attentive also when I arrived at the station in my first day
I highly recommend this volunteering!

hace 15 días



I can't describe by words how important and special this experience was for me. I could see with my own eyes there still exist people able to do their best to help the needy ones, no matter their nationality, color or religion. Pater Oliver is such a good person, he made me feel at home. He was always careful to show me places, explain me about the culture, history and always asking if I had enough food. I will never forget this place, thank you for everything, from all my heart, I hope comeback some day 😇💙

hace 2 meses



It's an excellent project and also an excellent volunteer. It's a beautiful multicultural experience where you learn about Germany and other countries. At that moment I felt the place as my home and I will never forget it. The activities are very fun and the teamwork is very respectful and charming, I've been working with people from Syria and another countries and they always jumped the obstacles of having different languages and cultures, to do a good job for others, always from the will and respecting it.
I also highlight your intention to learn and improve and I admire Father Oliver🙌🏻

hace 2 meses



I haven't words to say thank you so much Petershof for everything, thank you for the warm welcome and for the unforgettable farewell. I really hope to see you all next summer and why not, stay longer enjoying this wonderful volunteer social project and continue to have fun and learn this new style of helping people with love and care that I saw in Petershof.
It was a wonderful experience, and I consider it one of the best times I had in Germany and I'm really thankful to God because that was my last volunteer experience in Germany and I really loved it. kisses to all and love you so much.

hace 2 meses

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