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I travelled with Marco.
Our experience at the Petra guests hotel was positive!
Mohammed is a very helpful person and helped us in all ways.
As for the work we did, it was very varied (mainly helping in the kitchen for breakfast and dinner and reception, sometimes we helped in the rooms and cleaning).
The hours are not fixed, so a lot of flexibility is required.
We had two full days to visit Petra.
The problem we encountered was communication with the rest of the staff inside the hotel, because not speaking English it was not always clear what our role was

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MOHAMMED respondido

thank you so much hope to see you again



Working with Mohammed at Petra Guests was an amazing experience, he is one of the most cult and interesting persons I've ever met, and also one of the kindest. I learned a lot about Arabic culture and the way of life in Jordan. Work was easy and straightforward, Mohammed always looks after you. The hotel is very good, so my room and my bathroom were very nice :D, and the food ufff Roxanna and the rest of the crew work so hard and they prepare delicious food. Indeed I leave nostalgic and with life-long friendships with all of them.

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Thank you so so much for all you help I appreciate that hope to meet you ones time



My experience at Petra guests was very good. Since the minute I arrived I was treated like a guest. The room I was given was very comfortable and the food was better than I could have imagined. The work wasn’t hard. It included mainly help at the kitchen and reception sometimes. During my days off I visited many places and Mohammed gave me tips where to go and he told me which sites in Petra are the best. I recommend to stay here and experience Jordanian hospitality.

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thank you so much hope to see you again



Be prepared for flexible work hours between 25-50 hours. Work and task were easy. Assisting in the kitchen, you will need to take safety precautions and have a high awareness. Cooking with gas and big flames and hot oil is a safety Hazard. Communication was challenging due to language barrier English is not enough, some basic skills in Arabic or Bengali would be beneficial.
Days off were denied and i wasn't welcomed to eat in the restaurant.

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any way thank you



El principal problema fue de comunicación, ya que a pesar de que solicitan español y/o inglés solo el Host lo habla pero el equipo con el que trabajas de la mano no habla ninguno de ellos.

Los horarios no están muy bien definidos (se trabaja más de lo indicado)

La estancia es en hotel y es un cuarto privado

No existe lavanderia

El host es un excelente anfitrion, pero el equipo de trabajo es un poco complicado para laborar, ellos no entienden la parte de que es un voluntariado y no eres un trabajador.

Las actividades son sencillas, pero no hay espacio para visitar la ciudad.

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thanks a lot