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Situated right in the center of the best city in the Netherlands, we can offer volunteers an incredible worldpacker experience!! Den Haag is bursting with beautiful beaches and parks, bustling city squares, so much good food and all of that special dutch charm. It's also a stones throw away from some of our other favourite places in the Netherlands, like Delft, Leiden, Rotterdam and who could forget amazing Amsterdam! Our hostel is a little sanctuary in the center of this beautiful international city and really is a home away from home for our volunteers.
If you are looking for an exciting and incredibly fun place to volunteer, where you will be able to practice your English, learn how to ride a bike while eating stroopwafles, spend your afternoons exploring this beautiful city and country and also make some life long friends - the Pink Flamingo is the perfect place for you! Please send us a message, we cant wait to meet you!

A quick note: While we do our best to reply to every message, sometimes in the high season the demand is super high so we really apologise if we aren't able to get back to you right away!! xoxo

Many of our staff are actually old Pink Flamingo volunteers! So we completely understand all the ins and outs of the volunteer experience. We view our relationship with our volunteers as a mutual collaborative experience - we are all here to learn something from each other. Our staff are here to guide our volunteers through their worldpacker experience and to help them not only to understand their role at the hostel, but also to share in the experience with them.

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My experience at the hostel Pink Flamingo has been an unforgettable one. I got to enjoy the beautiful city of Den Haag with some incredible people I will forever remember (and hopefully see again). I also got to work with an excellent team and learned so many new skills. I am deeply thankful for this opportunity and I highly recommend anyone to try it too.

hace 10 días



My time at the Pink Flamingo was everything I hoped for and more! The work is as described and the staff are extremely welcoming and helpful to all the volunteers. The environment is amazing for getting to know other volunteers or hostel guests! The Hague is a great location (especially the beach) with connections to lots of cities that are close by! Overall an amazing experience and one I won’t forget for a long time!! Miss you all already 💕🦩

hace 15 días



Volunteering at the pink flamingo hostel was such an amazing experience, I would do it again a 100 times , the staff was super nice and helpful, and the other volunteers as well , made so many friends and really got attached, sad that it’s over for now but yess I totally recommend this world packers experience!!!

hace 21 días



I would definitely recommend this experience if it’s your first time volunteering.
Pink flamingo is the perfect combination between make connections, visit a beautiful city and all the around cities and learn how do the hostals work and “the Volunteering tasks”
The staff is super nice! And always try to bring the best vibes to the place.
One of the best places to choose 🫶🏻
Ps. To make you experience even better, get a bike and discover around you’ll find so many surprises .

hace 23 días

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If you’re thinking about coming here - DO IT! I had the most amazing experience during my 2 months at the Pink Flamingo. The work load is what’s agreed upon beforehand, even though it can get repetitive at times it isn’t bad. You normally work less than 5 hours during the week (which is great) but weekends are usually the full hours due to it being more busy. The staff are such amazing, caring people who always help when needed & make the experience as good as possible.
You’ll make lifelong friends & memories that you’ll cherish forever. I love you Pink Flamingo family! ❤️

hace 26 días

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