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Leipzig is graciously endowed with many parks, beautiful architecture, and is surrounded by many lakes. Leipzig has an excellent tram system, and for better or for worse, you have excellent access to it from our house. Our neighborhood, Lindenau, is arguably Leipzig's pre-coolest neighborhood. While former cool neighborhoods have been overrun with prams and napkin boutiques, Lindenau has remained gritty, graffiti'd, and full of students, artists, and activists. We participate in events hosted by allied housing projects and we host events ourselves. You can watch our Crowdfunding video linked to our profile - it has subtitles in English and YES, we got the funding, Pizza Lab was saved! You may benefit from: - German classes for free/donation based - "language nights", for free (every table has a different language, people meet, talk in different languages and form tandems) - a large variety of underground art exhibitions - many housing projects with attached cultural spaces, where they host political discussions and lectures - a well developed alternative subculture with a variety of musical styles - a few venues with open poetry or jam-sessions for musicians and poets - alternative projects such as a repair café, an upcycling and material collection store, a cooperative organic food store, a self-organized "institute for autodidactic learning," as well as quite a few collectively owned enterprises. As a volunteer in the pizzeria, - you will hear and learn a lot about our favourite topic: sustainability - you may participate in the workshops and educational events we will offer - you will learn how to make the best vegan pizzas ever! - you will meet a lot of neighborhood people, not just our friends. As we are an alternative project house, living in our community will offer you the following learning fields: - vegan/vegetarian nutrition - transparent distribution of tasks through our unique "task auction system" - improving cooking skills; cooking for 6-10 people - event organization - working in a team - improving language skills - we're happy to correct your English or German if you wish so You can also volunteer in the Rockzipfel-project, entertaining children from 0-2 and be part of the house community anyway! Just have a look at the positions available. Let us know if you are interested in a position with higher responsibilities and decission making power. If we have spots available, we are happy to accomodate your training needs!

There are up to 5 permanent residents and 5 volunteers. As part of our community, we expect you to participate in the regular chores such as shopping, cleaning, cooking, like everybody else in the house. The time for this is included in the 25 hours mentioned above. We are interested in general in projects, ideas and conversations about sustainability - degrowth, decrecencia, sustainability, financial crisis, CSA, permaculture, peak oil, climate change etc. We are also interested in helping people in their own projects with our knowledge and resources, projects like for instance: building bike-machines, cargo-bikes, a repair shop, clothes repair, urban gardening, CNC-router, fablab, DIY-furniture. If you are looking for the opportunity to start a project, let us know. The pizzeria was started by a former volunteer! Lastly, this is an *alternative* project house. This means you might encounter someone with long hair asking embarrassing questions about the financial system, education, food, climate change, anything. If you live with your mom, ride ponies or watch television, please ask for our website address first. We are happy to provide you information about the mental dangers you face.

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Do not hesitate, it is a beautiful place, nice people.
My best experience in worldpackers!!!


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I had one of the greatest times of my travels here! I stayed almost two months in the Pizza Lab, and I enjoyed every second of it. There’s always something new going on, and Leipzig is an awesome city full of life, freedom and movement. I always felt home both in the house with the other volunteers and in the Pizzeria with the costumers. I learned a lot about life, veganism and co-living, and I am looking forward to coming back soon!

Thank you so so so much for everything, and I hope this amazing project is still around for a veeery long time.

Analaura xxx



Mi experiencia en Pizza Lab fue muy enriquecedora. Disfruté mucho mi estadía aquí gracias al esfuerzo de Marenka por crear una comunidad donde el trabajo se volvía más ameno por las personas que formaban parte de ella. La ciudad es muy linda y viva, lo recomiendo mucho!



Este fue mi primer voluntariado y me encanto! Lo disfruté mucho y el grupo de voluntarios con los que compartí las 5 semanas que estuve fue increíble, compartimos almuerzos, cenas y salidas juntos. Yo participé en el proyecto de coworking cuidando bebés y el grupo de padres me recibió con mucho cariño. Recomiendo mucho este lugar para hacer voluntariado y siempre los tendré en mi corazón. Gracias Marenka y Christine.


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