Portal Atlante

Portal Atlante is a Holistic Hostel located between Santa Marta and Tayrona park in Colombia's beautiful Caribbean coast. Dedicated to all people who want to share knowledge and are in the process of a healthier lifestyle, our main goal is to provide our guests with tools that will help them experience a renewed body through our VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT, PRANAYAMAS, YOGA SESSIONS, MEDITATION, AYURVEDIC THERAPIES, MASSAGES, REIKI, RECONECTIVE HEALING, CRISTALS and much more. You get to walk more than 400 m of an authentic Tayrona path, visit the vault where the fabulous precolumbian archeological piece, SERANKUA was found. Our guests can find all this only 15 minutes away from the Hostel. The region we are located at is of an amazing beauty and biodiversity. You will not only get to learn and understand the complex ecosistems we are surrounded by, but also get to interact with locals that have wide knowledge about the history of the region. We are neighbors with a primary school, which can use all the help it can get, but most importantly, brings joy to all those who visit. The kids are very friendly and eager to learn as much as they can from anyone who´s willing to help. Our restaurant is completely vegetarian so we need someone that can help us creat tasty dishes for our guests, if you know about vegeterian food we will be glad to have you here for a long time. If you practice any kind of therapies or Yoga, you are more than welcome as well, this place was designed so that everyone who wants to share their knowledge can find a space to do so. On the other hand, if you have abilities in construction you are welcome too, there is always something to do or something new to create, so hop on board!

This is a family business and you will be treated as such. We hope to meet new, different and interesting people, so we can all share knowledge acquired through out the years, as well as precious moments during your stay. There is a volunteer house with three single beds available, a shared bathroom and a fan. We are vegeterian and the food we will provide to our guests and volunteers is also vegetarian. Any snack out of these 3 meals runs on your own account.


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Se debe cambiar la descripción de lo que solicitan, en realidad solo dan1 día de descanso a la semana y al llegar me dijeron que se equivocaron y era trabajar 6 horas al día, 36 horas a la semana. Entonces antes verifiquen bien. . Es bonito para alejarte de todo, pero por los horarios y la ubicación, no tienes una oportunidad real de estar conociendo a los alrededores. Te debe gustar mucho la naturaleza ya que hay muchos bichos ( es normal, pero luego no se considera) . Son buenas personas, pero me salí antes porque tenía otra idea del intercambio.


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