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We are taking actions and starting permacultural projects for environmental sustainability in harmony with nature within the Capoava Farm, in the city of Porto Feliz, São Paulo State. The area is a former colony of workers and has physical structures such as school, offices, cinema, chapel, soccer field, 83 workers' houses and other buildings, some preserved and others not. The social areas are surrounded by sugarcane plantations. We are putting willing to devote joint efforts for the formation of thispermacultural office of resilience, assuming social and environmental responsibilities in the management, restoration and revitalization of Capoava Farm and if you like this, let´s go do it together!

I am a netweaver of a small group of people of varied ages and professions, supported by many people, always inspiring us in principles of permacultural design for the ample care with the waters, with the people and all kind of nature, sharing the abundance!


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I would recommend this experience! Diego and Antonio were excellent, friendly, and accommodating hosts. People who live there are open and welcoming to guests.
The project is interesting, but is still in its emerging stages. While a lot of the work is theoretical, there is a lack of things to do during the day that are planned. There is a lot of freedom, but not much structure within volunteering for the project. Several days there was nothing to do. There is no internet, so it makes working difficult while you are there. If you like learning about permaculture, this place is for you!!!

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It was a real immersion in the rural community life. I learned a bunch about the historical and social reality of the Capoava community and could participate in fun activities such as visiting a waterfall, farming learning and going to a "festa junina". Everyone is nice and treat you like a family.
I recommend it!

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Hospitalidade incrível, conectividade com o meio. Experiência muito estimulante, com a vivência prática para observação do local e das pessoas que ali vivem e a dinâmica da sociedade local com a natureza. Sendo uma comunidade "caipira" (não no sentido pejorativo) é possível observar como o ser humano lida com o meio natural e social sem uma carga exagerada de tecnologias e ao mesmo tempo sem ser um modo de vida alternativo, apenas diferente. Ótima oportunidade para ampliar a percepção. O Diego se mostrou um excelente anfitrião, com trocas de experiências, histórias e uma ótima cama.

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