Project for People Onlus

Project for People offers an integrated model of intervention, addressing the main aspects of the lives of the beneficiaries. This model offers support actions linked to each other, aimed at improving the livelihoods of rural communities in their various aspects. In the countries of intervention, Project for People: builds health care facilities and provides medical care; builds schools and provides support to children; starts arable land and livestock production; facilitates microloans to small business activities; fosters respect for the rights of women. In this way, the association guarantees to the most vulnerable the right to health, healthy eating, education, employment, social recognition. Besides providing immediate benefits, the adopted model fosters the necessary conditions for the affected communities to participate actively in the improvement process triggered. Project for People's projects are not charity: they put into play the skills of local staff, developing their professionalism. The promotion of local development is always implemented through projects designed, constructed and operated in close collaboration with local partners. In this way the Association develops actions consistently adhering to the real needs of communities.

Volunteers can expected to be supported both on remote by our Italian staff and on site by our Indian partners. They will be literally surrounded by doctors and clinics, therefore they shall not fear any medical emergency (you are in India, you will probably eat THE wrong thing once). We usually select up to 15 volunteers per month, so they can count on peer support as well.

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