Puckaster Cove

Our unique and stunning land on the southern tip of the Isle of Wight offers a true retreat from the busy world. Surround yourself in the beauty of the natural landscape. Enjoy the stunning coast line and some of the best weather in the UK. Our accommodation is cosy and comfortable. You will have a one of kind experience and help contribute to preserving and improve our land for other to enjoy.

We are calm, caring and considerate people. We do our best to make sure our volunteers are comfortable and able to involve themselves to the best of their ability.

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It was a great experience to meet Russel and Steph, they do everything for your comfort and are always helpful, they have a really big land in nature, if you want to be in touch with nature, this is a paradise for you, don't expect too much sociality, this place is really a good place to relax. They give you 10£ per week to cover the breakfast expenses, you are expected to pay for lunch, and dinner is served 5 times a week, transportation is a bit difficult, it is at the other end of the island and the bus comes every 2 hours.

hace 13 días

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Steph and Russ were so lovely and welcoming - I really enjoyed getting to know them! They’re very caring and will make sure you have what you need for a great stay. Having dinner with them and their daughter on work days was a nice chance to chat.

The hours were as stated and the tasks are variable depending on what’s going on. There’s lots of outdoor work. The location is beautiful and a bit isolated, so just know that before going. If you’re there in cooler months, bring warm clothes. You can access a shop, pharmacy, and bus by walking so you can explore the island. I would recommend it!

hace 14 días



This was my first experience as a volunteer and it was awesome! Steph and Russel are the kindest people possible and they always treat you with respect and a smile. They always look after your comfort.
The work consists mostly in gardening and development of new areas. It could be hard, but one has no rush.
The family always cook the dinner and they invite you to have it with them.
The island is beautiful and Niton, the town where is their home, is perfect to have a retreat in nature. You will always have a sea view from there.

hace 28 días



It was my first volunteer experience, and it really was excellent. The family is very friendly and welcoming, it was really nice to chat with them during the delicious dinners. Before going for a walk, I advise you to consult with them about places and how to get there, they will give you excellent recommendations. As for the jobs, they are really simple, some carry more physical effort than others, but between sight and contact with the earth, time passes quickly and you enjoy it a lot.

hace 1 mes



We stayed two weeks in puckaster and we wished we could have stayed longer.

The work was mostly outdoors, which we liked. The little home we stayed in was very cute and complete. We really enjoyed the family dinners and were given the chance to get our own breakfast and be refunded later. The cherry on top was the welcoming energy of Russ, Steph, and Amara, we felt super comfortable the entire time. Thank you!

hace 3 meses

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