Pura Vida Beach Hostel

Pura Vida beach Hostel is in a beautiful location, directly on the Areia Branca Beach just 15km away from Peniche perfectly situated away from the hustle and bustle of town, yet still only a 200-meter walk from all the best restaurants and bars. From the second you walk in the door you’ll feel right at home, with a welcoming atmosphere and plenty of activities to choose from. Here you can have the ultimate surf experience in the nearest hostel by the beach, even if you are a slow walker it will only take you two minutes to get to the sea.

Here in Pura Vida we are very laidback and easy but very responsible when it comes to work. Our guest well being is or main priority so sometimes it can be demanding but we are a team and always work together.

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Ok so I don't really know how to describe this place because words can't even begin to describe Hugo and Pura Vida. I was only going to be here around 2 months but ended up staying 7. The area, the people, the location,,, like a children's dream. Aphrodite herself is jealous of the beauty this place offers.

15 días atrás


I had the most amazing experience at Pura Vida!! It is such a beautiful place, the view from the cliff is incredible, the house is so nice and confortable that I've felt home these data! Hugo is so nice, and It hasn't felt like a job to me. I'd highly recommend It, If you enjoy Beach, surf and praxe, Pura Vida is the place to be! Hoping to get back soon!

9 meses atrás


I loved my experience at Pura Vida Beach Hostel. Hugo was very helpful and always made me feel at home. The town is very beautiful with stunning beaches, very relaxing and just an hour away from Lisbon . The tasks were easy and Hugo always respected my working hours. I truely enjoyed my time in Portugal and I would definitely recommend this place for beach and surf lovers. I hope to one day return and

11 meses atrás


The hostel is small and full of warmth, so we could have good conversation with the guest and knew people from the whole world(i mean, from Europe cause I meet guest from countries in Europe during my stay. )
The location of the hostel is just beside the beach which have good waves to surf and you will be very happy if your are a surf-addicted.
The task is easy to handle, I believe most people can deal with it, and you will have free time almost everyday after noon.
But remember to bring your international driver licence cause you might want to rent a bike or car.

1 año atrás

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