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Because we can make your trip more wonderful for sure ;)
We are ready to make friends with you and show you all the places the locals enjoy!

I am a kind of travelholic and have visited about 40 countries. (I believe I'm not an alcoholic. Drinking with guests was just my main job at the hostel. good excuse) What I always remember is not so much where I went, but the memories of the travelers and staff I have become friends at hostels and other places. I want my guests and staff to have the same unforgettable memories. For this reason, I want the staff members to focus on enjoying themselves and entertaining the guests.


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I was at R Hostel for two months. The team was amazing, and helped me immerse into Japanese culture and helped me with language. Everyone is super friendly and it was fun meeting guests from around the world. The work is straight forward and receive shift times in advance, so it’s easy to plan around them. I plan on going back later in the year! As I had such a great time

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I had an great time at the Hostel
I had a lot of fun and made many new friends.

The work was pretty easy and fast to get into, always like agreed upon. The accomodation was very nice and cozy. There is a nice lounge area to sit around and do your own thing, or to meet and interact with the other travelers.
The Team was very open and made sure that we felt comfotable and welcomed. Everybody was always nice and respectful.

It is a great place if you like to meet many new people and go out and have fun. The staff will also help you with any question and give you great recommendations.

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This hostel was amazing! The staff were super chill and friendly, making me feel right at home. They speak really good English and always made everyone feel part of the conversation, making the place super social and cozy. The location was very good and close to the city center. Additionally, the accommodation was very comfortable and had lots of space. The work is pretty easy, but having some hostel cleaning experience helps. They throw you into it, so try to learn and soak up advice from your coworkers in the first few days. Thank you so much to Takuro and the staff working there!

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I had an incredible experience at R Hostel. I met really nice people here and made great friends. The Staff members were very welcoming, they care about their guests and provide them with an amazing stay. they made me feel like I was part of the team so I tried my best every time I could. The working hours were as agreed and the cleaning tasks too.

I'm very grateful for this experience and opportunity. I completely recommend this place if you're interested in enjoying Osaka and its charm.

Thank you very much Takuro, Miyako, Emily, Rico, Hinata, Hayato, Erika <3

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I had such an amazing time here.
The staff is so friendly and lovely, we went out quit a lot together and I will definitly miss them.
As for the work it is more than doable and often we finished before the intended working hours.
The hostel is really nice, the private rooms are really confortable, equiped with AC and with space for your stuff.
It is also well located with almost every necessities within a 5 minutes walk, and even has a bento shop next door !
I highly recommend if you want to discover Osaka and its lively soul !

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