Our place is a student residence for exchange students. During the holidays we receive travelers from all around the world. Turning the place as a Hostel, more chilling and adaptable, everyone has their own space at the room, with the chance to share with international people and with locals, Hanging around, going out with them, sharing opinions culture, food, points of view and much more.

Along with a friend we run the business, we are under 30, very relaxed but also demanding. Usually we are in the house working in some of the positions, or doing other things. Our staff is always changing, but most of the time we have a few locals working with us, also we have some resident artist that help us with many things. More than an employee we like treating people as collaborators, always can expect help from us or someone to talk with.

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I had a great time there at the Residencial 10. Amazing people, the owners have the traveler vibe, always organizing activities to entertain both guests and staff members. Incredible ubication in the heart of Candelaria's neighborhood.

Best wishes to all people there.

I am really thankful and realized for the worth opportunity to had been a part of this great crew.

Saludos a Juan, Alejo, Sebastian, Angelis, Jair, Jaqueline, Olga, Hector, Gearkis, Kennedh y a toda la familia R10.

Vai Corinthians y Colombia por vida!!!

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La experiencia fue increible, esta fue mi primer experiencia como voluntario y no pudo ser mejor, Juan, Alejandro y Sebastian son unas personas increíbles y trabajar con ellos fue muy ageadable.

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