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Well, the idea is to share, lift each other up in a creative way, to inspire each other and create as much as possible. I'm a free spirit and a free thinker, searching for truth and be real, live here and now, trying to be kind as much as i can. Paying attention, caring, hugging and being friendly, theese things matter to me a lot. If you vibrate to theese things too, there is big chances for us to get along.

I've been living as an artist all my life, i was more of a starving artist tho but now with my skills i'm doing better. Theese last 10 years, i've been teaching, i'll be happy to teach you some technics too. Otherwise i'm some kind of hippie/punk, i may seem a bit like a weirdo for some people, but i assure i'm a kind and respectuous person, specially towards women, i consider i've been saved by them from a hard and painfull childhood. I expect volunteers to be at least a little crazy in order to do all kind of artistic things together. Tasks are not definit, it depend of each one really, but still for the moment i would need help filming me and my work, editing video to make reels to promote my painting on social media.


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Tom was such an amazing host. He made me feel welcome. He was very honest about the volunteer work before hand and I received just what I expected. I learned a lot from him and his art work. He also showed me the true art culture in Mulhouse! It was amazing!

hace 8 meses

Thomas respondido

Thank you so much, you are always welcome 🤗



When I first came to Europe,Thomas helped me with anything. He would try to helped u no matter what, I was really grateful and glad he is my first volunteering. I supposed to stay just one week, but Thomas let me stayed one more week because of my personal schedule , i really appreciated.
He tooked me to meet his friends, join the art class , paint together, we did a lot of things together, the most happiest thing is cooking!! Thomas is the best chef ✨✨
It really feels like home to me , it literally just like stay in friends house . Thomas doesn’t ask anything , he just love to hosting ppl!

hace 8 meses

Thomas respondido




A experiência com Thomas é de um dia a dia comum de um artista que vive em u cidade mediana da França, você basicamente vai acompanhar a rotinha dele e de quebra, caso tenha interesse, aprender a desenhar. É para quem tem interesse em arte e curiosidade de como é a vida de um francês. Lembrando que de modo geral europeus tem costumes diferentes de brasileiros, importante aprender sobre.

hace 10 meses

Thomas respondido

Thanks for you visit.

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