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Our organic farm is located in east Slovenia (near Celje) on a beautifull hill. Our family decided 8 years ago to move from town, to the countryside. Since our movement, the farm keeps on growing. We started with cattle breeding.
We have 4ha of pastures, where we graze Highland cattles. On the farm are also laying hens.
On almost 1ha we grow raspberries. The picking season is from beggining of july, till the end of september- depending on the weather.
We have also a lot of different work every season.

We need 5 hours help per day (for 1 or 2 persons), one day per week off (ussually sunday- but it depends on the weather). The main work is from july till october when the picking season for raspberries is (we pick them ussually from 06.00-10.00 sometimes also in the evening from 18.00-20.00 - depends of the quantity of raspberries and weather). At that time also weeding the plant is needed- we ussualy do that in the evening hours. We also need occasional help by taking care of the animals (feeeding, watter supply, animal pasture, health control,..) all our animals are friendly and easy to take care of. The occasional help is also broming around farm, tidying up (outside), renovation, different repairs, firewood prepraration,lawn moving and other small projects. But the main help needed on our farm is picking the raspberries. We have a seperate residental facility with bathroom and one big room (bedroom with three single beds which is partially seperated with living room- big sofa) and with cooker- option to prepare coffe, tea or an easy basic meal (breakfast meals, pasta, soup…) and fridge. Free Wi-fi available. In summer (July,August) breakfast/meal is recommended before 06.30 or after 10.30. Becouse of the heat between 11.00-16.00 is it not posiible to work on the field. Between 12.00-15.00 we provide warn meal. Breakfest and dinner is up to each individual, we just provide you basic food for meal. In the area many activities are possible (hiking, lakes, city center, river,..) bike is available on our farm, or if you wish, we can also arrange you transport to a start spot and then pick you up (we can transport you up to 10 km away from or farm or we can take you to bus or train station in you want to visit distant places). If you are looking for quiet place, sorounded with animals, endless forest and desire to contribute to organic farming, feel free to contact us. The identification document is requered, short CV, and reasons why do you think you would be suitable for helping on our farm.

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This was my first time volunteering and I was really nervous when I stepped off the train in Celje. The feeling was quickly reduced when I was greeted with a big smile and open arms.
Monika is easy-going, generous, funny, considerate and social. She will make you feel comfortable and welcomed. I felt very safe with her and her family who were generous to offer us a ride to see the sights.
Picking raspberries early in the morning with roosters cock-a-doodle-doo-ing into the fresh dew dripping air was as wonderful as it sounds. The view and atmosphere is astonishing. Go, re-wild yourself.

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Monika and Jure are wonderful people who care so much about making sure volunteers have a fulfilling time. The work is rewarding and the hosts go in great depth about how and why each task is completed. We cannot recommend this experience enough to any Worldpacker. They truly make you feel at home and as if you are a part of the family. Not only that, but the quality time with the family outside of the work is unmatched, as they have set the bar to which all other hosts aim to reach. The only drawback is that their raspberries are out of this world, ruining the love we have for ours at home.

hace 16 días

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This was the perfect first Worldpackers experience! Monika and her family are so welcoming and friendly, they really make you feel like part of their family and cared for. The work was straightforward and the hours were respected and it was amazing to learn more about sustainable farming. There is plenty of downtime to explore the surrounding area, which is so beautiful. Would 100% recommend to other Worldpackers, and I will miss Monika and her family, as well as all the animals (especially escape Biba!).

hace 25 días



I spent some days at Monika her raspberry organic farm 😄. Monika was a very nice host, caring, interested and nice to talk with. When I was there, the raspberry harvest just started. We picked raspberries and did some weeding in the morning for 3 hours and did other tasks or weeding in the afternoon/evening for 2 hours, as it were some warm days. The work wasn’t hard. Furthermore, the accommodation was comfortable and clean, and the area is beautiful with forests and farms around in the countryside of Slovenia. I’m happy to have lived this experience for a couple of days, thank you Monika! 🌺

hace 26 días



I can’t express in words how much this volunteer meant to me. It has definitely left a mark on my heart, on the best way possible. Monika and Jure are warm, lovely and caring people. I was very much looked after which made me feel more and more motivated to try and contribute as much as possible to their farm. They seemed passionate with their purpose of sustainable farming, and also take amazing care of the animals. I will miss Čarli, the cute cows and even the angry roosters. The facilities are amazing and clean, and everything needed was promptly provided. The work was easy!
All perfect!

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