Recanto Folha Seca

For those looking for tranquility and the charm of rustic places. For sunrise and sunset lovers. For those looking for a place to slow down and reconnect with nature and themselves. For those who love listening to birds, sitting in front of a fire or bathing in a natural pool. For those who want to contribute their gifts and talents in a peaceful and creative way to support sustainability and female autonomy in Brazil's conventional granary dominated by old structures. For everyone who likes to improvise, sing, make music, play volleyball, decorate, arrange flowers, explore the typical forest of this region with a tropical climate, alternating between dry and humid. The days in the rainy season are very special and delicious. In the dry season, there is no rain interrupting outdoor activities... And 17 degrees is considered a cold front here! For those who would like to make wreaths with different types of vines, try typical fruits from the region or cook experimentally with what grows here. For those interested in banana fiber. For those who want to leave a positive mark on this corner of the world.

I'm Rosely Wegner, one of the partners of the project. The other is my sister, Gracielle Sauer. We are two women responsible for a lot of things and we lack hands to solve everything that is necessary. We have a little support from Gracielle's family members, but we don't have any employees yet, we are in the very beginning. Our motivation is to transform a part of the property that was reserved for our project into a really charming corner, full of flowers and the beautiful trees that grow here, sustainable and easy to maintain. Volunteers will be received like everyone else who arrives here, with respect and affection. Everyone who arrives here soon feels at ease, can feel free to be themselves. We welcome all genes. We interact with people, if that's what they want. Or we leave them alone, if that's what they prefer.

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