Recio diseño

You can learn new skills. Work.with a collective of artist and designers, and live in one of the most awesome beach towns in mexico, San pancho and Sayulita.

I love my work. And always looking to learn new things , experiment and be creative .and that's what I promote with the people I work. I'm looking for individuals that listen and understand and are independent .I don't judge people , expectations sucks. I like to do things out of the ordinary to brake and change a little bit the usual and the common. To make space for those moments of.magic and creative breakthroughs. The idea of the project of Recio has been evolving we are now in a very interesting moment of new changes , new designs, new store, new ideas and looking to build a good team a collective of artist and creators. The idea of reusing material, recycle up cycle it has been always the main core of Recio. And not only that , but making beautiful unique well designed objects reusing textiles and materials


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Living at JuanPa´s place was so gratifying. I think this project with the recycle clothing has a lot of potential and allows a lot of people to work on it. Every person volunteering on it contributes in their own way depending on its qualities, and everyone organizes their own time and work. Living in San Pancho was so relaxing, the town is amazing as the people you get to know.

10 meses atrás


Juan Pablo is a good person, its friendly, more creative and worker. His House is very comfortable. He makes beautiful clothes and designs. His shop its amazing and so interesting.
The beach and the town is very beautiful and quiet, its beautiful place for stay and felling good.

11 meses atrás

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