Regenerative Veggie and Fruit forest

I have volunteered in Japan and Turkey in many places. Using both wwoof and workaway. So I am very experienced as to what the volunteers might need. How to make them feel taken care of and safe, also know what to offer to keep volunteers entartained, with activities and learning many new skills. Also I have hosted many volunteers already through other platforms.

My name is Akin. I was born in Istanbul Turkey. I have moved to America in high school, finished university and stayed there for 20 years working and traveling. Around 2018 i came into a piece of land that has been untouched for many years. I changed my life, left everything in America behind and moved to a very rural town in southern Turkey. I have been healing this land and turning it into a forest ever since. Applying no till, regenerative farming practices with well water. This is a no judgment - safe zone farm, everyone with any background is welcome. There is no wrong or mistakes. We can fix anything, the goal here is to connect with nature, learn how to work with nature, have lots of fun and be happy. Also to eat many delicious oranges from the trees!

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