Rena Hostel

Rena hostel is a family owned hostel right in the heart of Arusha, we also own a school which is a fun way for linking up volunteer skills in hospitality Management and in child care and education, we offer education to over 350 kids who are willing to learn and probably teach a bit from their cultures, We welcome you all to Rena Hostel for a visit that will be both enjoyable and helpful to our kids, As we say in kiswahili, KARIBU SANA!!!!You are very welcome!!

Our culture is very welcoming and that includes our staff who are very kind, helpful and very welcoming and accommodating to all our guests always willing to learn new cultures while imparting all the knowledge and help that will make your stay with us as memorable and enjoyable as possible.

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Cuidado de niños Artes Enseñar Deportes Enseñar Idiomas

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Turno Nocturno Administración Bartending Jardinería

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