Reserva Natural Sasardi

Between the borders of Panama and Colombia there is Darien’s jungle, one of the great natural treasures of the planet, considered one of the last tropical humid jungles in contact with the sea and one of the youngest geological zones of the planet. In this Eden, the refuge of 10% of the world's biodiversity, is the Sasardí Natural Reserve, 60 hectares of forest acquired by individuals with the objective of conserving, recovering this natural environment and learning to live by making adequate and sustainable use of the natural resources. About half of this land corresponds to primary forest, the rest is in recovery with natural regeneration and crop areas. Sasardí Natural Reserve belongs to the Colombian Network of Natural Reserves of Civil Society and the Regional Network of Natural Reserves UNGANDÍ. This territory is also a meeting of ancestral cultures and ancient histories, a multi-ethnic landscape where indigenous communities (Emberá, Tules, Kuna, etc.), afro-descendants, mestizos and white people coexist. We invite you to know the beauties of the Darien, to enjoy the Caribbean sun, the silence and the peace of the forest, to refresh yourself in the natural pools and to make this world a better place, participating in the conservation of this little piece of paradise. If you like the nature and personal growth, that's your place!

We are friendly and peaceful people who love nature that would like to find different forms of life, association and relation with nature, a reencounter with ourselves, through work with the land, collaborative coexistence and respect for all forms of life. Our intention is to create a space where it is cultivated to cultivate, a center of relearning and knowledge exchanges through respect, tolerance and comunication. If you decide to be a volunteer for the Sasardí Reserve, we offer you accommodation in shared spaces, as well as orientation and accompaniment in different activities and workshops. Volunteers are host in a house, where there are not private rooms, each one has its own bed, with pillow, sheets and mosquito net. We accept four volunteers per time, so this space they are going to share with other three people maximun, depending on how many people are there. Each volunteer should take care of their food, although the meals are prepared and enjoyed among all beings in the space, each contributing equally. We are open to listening to volunteer proposals and concerns for other possible activities. All activities are head for fulfill the volunteer and their personal skills. There are also workshops after the activities on meditation, yoga and natural medicine, handicrafts, music, agroecology, permaculture and organic farming techniques, guided walks in the area, specialized information on the fauna and flora of the area, group readings, History and culture of Darien, talks about the Natural Reserves of Civil Society and our experiences of life in nature, cultural exchanges with the inhabitants of the area, among others.

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