Travelers volunteering with us are traveling with purpose. They get to travel and see beautiful sceneries while implementing community projects.

The communities we choose are communities that have little to no resources to improve the standard of facilities in schools and or around them as a community. Thus we have a project fee that will cover all that (Project Materials/Resources & everything else covers your stay : Transfers to & from Project site, Briefing, meals, excursions, 24/7 in country support staff, Tshirt/Sarong etc)

Furthermore our Volunteers learn and immerse themselves into a new culture, living & looking at life from a different perspective. In return they will have community work experience, life long friendships and even professional networks.

Staffs are friendly and open minded people who are passionate about the community and getting to know the volunteers that they will be working with. We prioritize the safety and well-being of our volunteers so that their stay and projects are meaningful and worthwhile. Staffs will be with the volunteers 24/7 for any kind of assistance in-country.


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I got to create great memories and experience amazing things with lovely people while living in a Fijian village. From playing x’s and o’s in the sand with leaves and sticks to fish feeding, exploring caves, cutting fresh coconuts, swimming to other islands, building mermaid tails for the kids out of sand and it’d be rude not to mentioned all the colouring in I did. I had a very wholesome experience and all though I couldn’t understand everything being said there were a lot of laughs.
The work that goes into cooking as well is amazing. I hope to visit nacula again someday soon.

hace 7 meses

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I had a really great time volunteering with rhics in the village. I really got to learn about the fijian way of life and became part of the community and it was hard to leave. Would recommend for anyone who wants to go outside their comfort zone experiencing a different way of life and wants to learn and experience the fijian culture fully.

hace 8 meses



I head a great experience, learning about the
Culture of Fiji, getting accepted into a Fiji Family, becoming part of there Family was a truly a gift !

hace 8 meses

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