Rooster's Homestead (Domačija pri Kokotu)

If you are looking for a retreat from the urban areas and everyday rush, if you are looking for a place to do your meditation, to write a book or your thesis, to work remotely, or you need a touch with real locals, or just change your lifestyle for some time, this is the opportunity. Rooster's Homestead (Domačija pri Kokotu) is the revived farm on the edge of the Kolpa Landscape Park in Bela Krajina (rural part in SouthEast of Slovenia) which is close to the warmest Slovenian river named Kolpa.
In summer time the homestead is a venue for traditional summer camps for kids and youth. While vivid in summer, the homestead needs caretaker(s) in spring and autumn.
The land was bought in 2011 by the founder of the NGO that organizes summer camps since its establishment.

Well, since the owner and landlord has his professional career in other parts of Slovenia, he's looking for volunteers to help maintain the homestead. He is a professional Innovation Manager for international corporations, the homestead is his retreat from intense work mainly for the weekends. He usually cares about the homestead himself, its maintenance and renovation, occasionally supported by his son and friends. In summer staff from the NGO run the homestead and kids’ summer camp programs. Volunteers are expected to live on the homestead by themselves, with the responsibility to maintain the land and the buildings (mainly lawnmowing and housekeeping tasks), and occasionally give a hand to the owner when visiting for renovation. Adding volunteers’ personal touch to the homestead through arts and crafts is highly welcome. Volunteers define their own daily schedules, meet locals (or avoid them) at their own choice 😊, organise their leisure time and discovery of the countryside, while the homestead is maintained at the same time. Tools and materials are available at the homestead, some training might be required.

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