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We will threat everyone with respect and expect the same thing. This is a family setting were you have your private travel trailer. The bathroom is inside the house, but you'll have your own area and are also welcome to come with us if we go to Orlando or on any other trips, or enjoy the pool, yard or bbq. The weather is sunny most of the year, so come and enjoy swimming, hiking, water sport, surfing etc.

Volunteers will live on our property. This is our family home. We are easy going, both 33 years old. We have small dogs and a 4 y.o. son. Our friend lives at the property too.


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I never heard back from this host . I messaged them letting them know about my flight delay from Europe but they never responded . I had no location information or any other means to communicate. Very disappointing since our initial interaction upon approval was great and seemed genuine. I hope all is well with the host and family.

hace 11 días

Lianne respondido

Hello Simone,
We have been in contact with you quite a bit, but on the day of arrival you messaged: 'I don’t think I will make my appointed time tomorrow since I’m currently stuck in Milan' and your flight was cancelled. We never received any communication from you regarding a new flight or arrival date etc., so I'm surprised to see this review. You had been welcome and we had to reject other volunteers because we saved your spot..



Tive uma experiencia incrivel com essa familia! Todos muito simpáticos, me ajudaram em tudo que precisei. Antes de voltar já sentia falta de todos eles. Fico feliz por ter escolhido esse lugar para passar um tempo. O aprendizado foi grande, me diverti muito na companhia dos meus anfitriões e agradeço muito pela paciencia e carinho com o qual me trataram! O contato com o idioma aconteceu de maneira muito natural, nas conversas do dia a dia, enquanto brincava com o Jackson, ouvindo as instruções de Lianne para fazer uma tarefa, enquanto pegava uma carona com Karl. Obrigada por TUDO! Ass: Pitty

hace 22 días

Lianne respondido

Priscila, you have been such a pleasure to be around. Always happy, a smile and positive energy. Priscila wanted to learn English and has been reading and playing a lot with our 5 year old son, talking with host while helping out and her English improved so fast! Priscila is very social and independent. She joined us on some trips, but also explored the area by herself and visited some family. Always welcome back! Thank you for staying with us.

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This was my first Worldpackers experience, I had such an amazing time!! It is great for independent people; perfect place to relax in warmth and explore local areas. Work was fairly easy, mostly cleaning and organizing. Lianne is very kind and flexible with work hours, great communication, we had wonderful conversations<3. Carl mostly keeps to himself, he's into far-right politics and sometimes uses offensive language, however I always felt respected and cared for by both of them. Their son Jackson is so sweet and energetic, we even went on fun weekend trips! Thankuu hope to be back soon! :)

hace 3 meses

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I had a great experience with this host. It was cut short due to a family emergency, but for the days that I was there I felt very comfortable. They have a beautiful home. The sleeping arrangements are nice. We had clear communications, and they are very chill when it comes to the work. It was a super positive experience for me overall. I will definitely return, and highly recommend!

hace 6 meses



I myself was not able to stay for my entire period, as I fell ill and therefore preferred to stay at home to recuperate. The days I was there I enjoyed it despite not feeling so well. It is a very open family and Jackson loves to play with you. You work the number of hours you have to do and they also show you things. It is a very fun experience.

hace 7 meses

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