Safari Hostel

This place was created by a traveler for the travelers and passed on to the traveler.... Being located on the middle of the city makes an exploration and understanding of the culture more accessible and easy. So if you are interested in culture, history and also like pleasant walks through the net of historical streets it is a place for you!

I am a passionate traveler myself. Having explored half of the world I understand the needs and challenges of the traveler. We are young, energetic and friendly team that will put our effort to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

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Estuve un mes y medio en Safari Hostel. Daria es muy buena gente, abierta y accesible. Cuando llegué, nos sentamos y entre los dos coordinamos los horarios y dias de trabajo lo cual fue genial. Mi cumpleaños fue ahí, dos dias después de haber llegado y me regalaron una torta y me cantaron el feliz cumple, y eso me hizo sentir muy bien porque al estar lejos de casa esas cosas se valoran mucho más, sobre todo teniendo en cuenta que casi no me conocían. El trabajo estaba muy bien, tenía muchas horas libres para recorrer. Lo súper recomiendo. Muchas gracias a todos los que conocí ahí :)

5 meses atrás


My experience was more than fantastic, I had the opportunity to be in the World Cup 2018.
I felt comfortable in Safari Hostel, Daria (owner) is so nice always willing to help you and talk about everything, the staff is super cool and respectful.
The location is perfect, you are 10 min walking to Red Square.
Since the first day my activities and schedule was designed, pretty easy, helping Dylia (housekeeping) between check in and check out time, setting up the beds, keeping patio and dinner room area organize and before sleep check out the toilet paper in the restrooms, so easy! I’ll miss u

5 meses atrás


If you respect and value yourself; maybe this is not the place for you:

1. Bed provided was expired
2. Bathrooms were ok, but toilet paper was the lowest quality.
3. Use of laundry was limited.
4. Breakfast is very basic.
5. For digital work (videos, photography) not worth it, host lacks understanding ergo does not value your job. Very vague request and very demanding, she treated me to call the police if I left without delivering the videos, saying that I was breaking the law. Very aggressive notes on whatsaap Ill summit to Woodpeckers.

I was a VOLUNTEER, Not your employee.

6 meses atrás


It was a very good experience, Daria and the staff of the Hostel is very kind and attentive. The tasks to be performed were clearly defined and there was excellent communication to successfully complete the project.
I hope to return someday!

6 meses atrás


A very nice hostel, right in the city center, near Red Square. The space was great, with a great common area, with a TV, and some couches. The rooms were nice too. The first days we decided my tasks. I was responsible to clean the bedrooms and bathrooms. The working time was very good and flexible, with 2 days off per week. I had plenty of time to explore Moscow, a great city!
I would like to thank all the staff and volunteers there (Daria, Dimitri, Semyon , Julia, Peter and Daniela), for letting me have a great time there!

10 meses atrás

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