Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation

I have hosted for over ten years and so I have experience with hosting and enganging volunteers on the projects from time to time and assigning them activities they have chosen to handle from all over the world. I have almost every amenities d such as good wifi,laundry machine,pick up arrangements and nice bed that make volunteers comfortable. Volunteers find us a better family and our project the best . I make the best meals I organize for a pick up of volunteers from the airport on a small fee I help volunteers with questions on how to arrange for their trip to Kenya. We arrange for tours and travels for volunteers when they want to go on a safari

Iam the director of Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation an NGO that works in the slums of Kenya and recruits volunteers from all over the world to assist the school project we run and support. The organization has coordinator that links volunteers to the program and the teachers that work along side with the volunteers when they arrive and are shown what to do

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