Sagres Sun Stay

Our hostel is located in the South West of Portugal, one of the best surf spots in country, and Europe. In the middle of the nature reserve of Costa Vicentina, we are committed to giving our guests the best experiences that the region has to offer.

The hostel has top new facilities including a swimming pool, out-door gym facilities, common spaces, co-work space, bar & restaurant, and seperate accommodation only for volunteers.

What we currently can offer in exchange for up to 4hrs per day, or max. 25hrs work per week are (All setup below can be changed at any given time):

*Free Accommodation (bunkbeds) in shared staffhouse, with in average 6-7 other Volunteers.
*Free use of 2x bikes.
*Free breakfast, when on breakfast shift.
*Free dinner, when on restaurant shift.
*Free yoga classes (only when not fully booked).
*120€ per month to cover small expenses, as no food provided (only paid if here min. all 4 weeks).

Surfclass only on avilability, and after agreement with management.

The owner/management can at any time cancel the agreement, if volunteer do not meet the expectations/houserules without any notice period (non-contracted staff).

Working here is literally the best way to meet other like minded travellers/volunteers from around the world. We are sure you will have the best time, meeting people you will have unforgettable experiences, and moments with during your stay here.

Our hostel is one of the biggest in Algarve, and we have the most amazing staff, so we would love to add you to our young and fun team. We encourage you to enjoy your time here with us, but also take your time to relax, or explore the beautiful surroundings. Due to the size of the Hostel, the business structure and organization, you will not always meet and work directly together with all the staff. Your primary and daily contact will be the Vounteer Manager Kim. As a volunteer you will have access to free surf equipment, bikes and will be able to attend 1x surfclass and unlimited yoga classes (only when possible and after agreement with management). Surf beaches, cafés/bars, shops, town center are all easily reachable, and supermarket & café just next door. Our mission is to make your stay as pleasent for you as possible, and a life experience you would not want to have been without at the end of your stay!


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The hostel is really nice and clean. But the house where the volunteers sleep is very tiny. There is surfboards and wetsuits available and the hostel is quite close to the beach and you Can easily walk down. But there is NO bikes available, only for rent. Overall i had a great time staying in sagres and the regular staff where really nice. The host Can be hard to communicate with sometimes. And the tasks you get assigned Can be quite strange. Would recommend the experience Anyway

hace 1 año



An incredible experience, full of nature, sun, beach and people from all over the world. The environment is very comfortable, Sagres is beautiful and not to mention the hostel, the facilities are amazing, the whole team is very friendly and the space for volunteers is more than enough!
100% recommended, I would love to come back very soon.

hace 1 año

Nueva Zelandia


Due to unforseen personal circumstances I had to leave this host early. I enjoyed the yoga on the roof top and how caring and welcoming Kim and the other volunteers were.

hace casi 2 años



The plan was to stay here for over a month - However I contracted Covid in my first week and decided to leave after 2 weeks because of breathing problems - read this review with this context in mind.
No doubt the first couple of days there were really fun and an experience I love to look back on! The few days where I worked were pretty light and manageable. I can agree that I became a fan of Kim, the volunteer manager - always understanding of your needs. Still, the owner is a little bit difficult to communicate with. On a positive note: I was taken good care of when I was sick in quarantine.

hace casi 2 años



I had a really good time in Sagres Sunsstay! The town Sagres is a beautiful place with a lot of beaches to surf at. There is also places with live music which are fun to go to! Concerning the hostel, my experience was a bit mixed. The volunteer manager Kim really tries his best to listen to your wishes and make your experience as good as it can be in the hostel. However, the owner of the place is a very difficult and not open minded person. Good things were that I never worked more than agreed on and I met amazing people! The surf material is shitty though and I’d recommend bringing your own.

hace casi 2 años

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