Sahraoui Villagz

The Village is the only place in the world offering such a unique experience into the heart of the nomadic culture. By working at our place, you will not only learn about it, but you will also learn how to manage a touristic site on the spot. If you are interested in creating similar projects in the future or to work in the tourism sector, it is a great way to get the ball rolling. If you don't have a specific ambition of working in the tourism area but you are just interested in the experience of living in a minimalist way in the desert while discovering new cultures and get to know more people coming from all around the world, the Sahraoui Village is a great place for you too. Moreover, we will welcome any ideas of improvement especially concerning the environmental sustainability of our place that we really want to ramp up more. Indeed, sustainable tourism inspires our development, which we want to be rational and sustainable.

It is important to keep in mind that the Village is located in the desert and the life there is very minimalist. Moreover, the volunteers need to be ready to face the desert conditions such as the temperature variation, the sand, the wind, ... All the spaces are shared, therefore, the volunteers are expected to understand life in a community. Dakhla city is not next to our site (28km), and no public transports can be found in the area. Trips outside of the touristic site will happen occasionally.

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