Sailing Yacht "Monty B"

Probably this is most interesting to someone who wants to learn about off-grid living, running a small business against the odds, self-reliance, discovering one alternative to the modern way of living and working, measuring wealth in different ways perhaps, getting their own boat one day.

I was a teacher, now a sailor, happily married for years but now on my own. But there is always a sea-dog or two around. Had an early midlife crisis at 30 and decided to radically change direction, sell everything, get an old boat and sail off into the unknown. The rest I'll tell you over a beer. Volunteers have their own small space, are treated as equals and with respect. I'm always happy to explain how things work. However when it comes to safety on board, crew have to be able to follow orders / instructions and ask questions later, just as the paying guests do. Rest of the time I'm very relaxed compared to most skippers!

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