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We offer free accomodation in exchange for any help.We live with volunteeers as a family.Volunteers have freedom to explore Mombasa.The volunteeers house will need mostly backpackers who can carry there beddings and you will have a space for sleep.We cook as a family.You only pay few money for food.You will meet the kids and learn Swahili language.

Friendly we love visitors and more so volunteers because they bring back to the community.we cook together those comfortable can share african meal.This is a family based organisation my father being the founder and my mum cordinator that makes sure the kids learn and get meals me being a marketer.we have a staff of teachers that help in teaching the children during class time when we receive a volunteer we stay with them at volunteers house which is not far from the organisation.we help make sure kids learn and get meals.we share african food together.and get go learn swahili language and other language.on free time there is a nearby beach to relax yourself it's called shelly beach.not very far from where you will a motorbike its 10minutes to are free to do anything that you like and help us learn new things.if you have anything to donate to the kids you can bring at your own will.After volunteering you are given à certificate from our organisation you can recommend your friends or family and in future help us in taking care of the kids while away because the donations keeps the project going.You can check our website for more information.WhatsApp +254718575508 or +254727567233 thank you very much you all are welcomed.come stay live like a local create memories tour and have fun.we love you.

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En el corazón del guetto de likoni. Primeros dos si bien las condiciones de hospedaje no eran las mejores, eran acorde al lugar y yo estaba bien con eso. Las personas son divertidas. Pero tuvieron problemas con la bebida apartir del 3er día y luego de eso ya nada fué igual. Ellos cambiaron su forma de ser, el voluntariado en sí no lo pude cumplir y me pedían más dinero, ellos y los amigos. Terminé yéndome al 6to día de 14 que eran. Porque la situación se tornaba lentamente violenta para mí. Si el problema con el alcohol no hubiera surgido, creo que hubiera sido una linda experiencia.

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We will definitely change that.sorry everything and for an honest review



Mercy was very involved in my stay as a host, I didn’t get to meet with the kids as much as I wanted but it was an overall engaging experience

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Thank you so much



If you are thinking about really helping children and living as a local do not hesitate, here is your option!!
At Sama you really can help children at school and give them your love. There is so much to improve there, all kind of help is more than welcome.
Muga's family who handle the school is just amazing and so dedicated to this children. Most of them are orphans so they really work hard to protect them and provide them a better life. It's good to rise some money to cook a proper meal for the children, or to improve materials for school.
All these people made from me a better person! Asante

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Thank you always welcomed



It was short for many reasons but it was interesting to meet them

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Thank you welcomed always



El voluntariado es en la escuela dirigida por la familia Muga, dicha escuela está en su iglesia. Trabajan con seis profesoras y cuenta con unos 67 niños en seis cursos. La casa donde se queda el voluntario queda un poco lejos de la escuela y es necesario usar moto para asistir. Son personas abiertas y amables.

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we love you and miss you good person you are.thank you again

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