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Samata is an NGO with branches in every district of Nepal, its aim is to give affordable education while keeping high educational standards.

Samata school in Bhaktapur is a big family, loving and welcoming. Here you'll meet lots of friends. As a volunteer we'll treat you as one of us while you will have the flexibility to explore the amazing world heritage site Bhaktapur and the beauty of the surroundings of the Kathmandu valley. Your skills are invaluable for us and you will be invited to impart classes at different levels, organizing workshops and activities and take part in events, activities and festivals. We don't have great economical resources but we are rich in human capital. We would like to raise some funds to improve the infrastructures of the school. We would kindly ask 5 usd per day to help cover for your food & accommodations. Samata is awaiting you!!!


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I will always remember Samata School, was a unique experience meet Shova and live with all the kids this 3 months. Since the first second they make me feel part of the family, teaching me about their traditions, culture and the beautiful country that is Nepal. The kids are so lovely and warm, and they give you the 100% in any project that you propose them, and all the school's staff and the people that i meet here was really nice. Im gonna miss you a lot, but i will be back soon, for sure! I know that i have more family now =)

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Experience I'll remember 4 rest of my lyf. I did not expect anything b4 I go there. Al I had in my mind that I was goin 2 meet som beautiful ppl. I knew about the bambu skul of Nepal 4 a lng tym but never tot I was goin 2 b there like that. Shova didi even took us 2 her village during Tihar vacation & let us stay with her beautiful family & cooked lovly traditional meals. I heard abt her dad's murder in front of her by terrorist at a young age and d responsibility she took as the oldest membr of the family.. I felt respected evriwer coz She earnd respect all over. Luv you didi, luv U Samata.

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I can't even explain how amazing my experience at the school has been. In fact, I don't think a few words can describe how friendly and family-like the school's staff and the students have been. The students are so culturally aware, respectful and loving that one is bound to make dozens of life-long friends in a very short while. It's an experience that has made a substantial addition to me and will stay with me for life. I look forward to coming back here.

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Volunteering at Samata has been the most heartwarming experience to date. It was amazing to meet so many very eager students who wanted to learn and interact with me and the other volunteer (Elena).

Shova made everything possible to make me feel comfortable and part of the family. Everyone, from the students, to the teachers made me feel like I belonged, and I felt so much love.

I love how close everything was to the school -- 5min walk to the Kamal Binyak Pond, and 15min walk to Dattatreya Square and 20mins to Bhaktapur Square.

Will definitely come visit the school and everyone again.❤

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Shova respondido

Thank you so much for volunteering at our school! Good luck with your travels and we hope to see you again soon!



It was such an amazing experience! I’m thankful for everything. Children so smart, friendly and interesting.
The Principal if the school, Shova- she is a brilliant person! She helped me a lot. I always felt myself like a part of big family.
Everything was perfect, room, the food, and location!! The school is just next to the most famous parts of Bhaktapur.
Thank you so much, and I hope to visit Samata school again :)

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Shova respondido

We love you Elena!!! Thank you so much for volunteering at our school and helping the children even do their homework! Good luck with your travels and we hope to see you again!

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