Samphire House

The location is ideal to see some of the most beautiful coastline and national parks in England. The house is right in the heart of a thriving small seaside town, with lots going on. It 50 meters from a river beach and around 200 meters from the town (seaside) beach.

Given a good rapport, we like to treat our working guest like a member of our family. Often we take them out to local beauty spots such as Dartmoor and other coastal towns. We like our volunteers guests to have a positive experience with us, to be a success it needs to be good for all of us. The degree of our involvement is with our guests largely lead by the attitude of the volunteer - i.e. how well they engage with us and whether they are flexible and can be trusted to get on with things with good will, or just try to do the minimum. I usually cook most of the meals although a volunteer may offer to cook if they wish to from time to time. We enjoy trying foods from different cultures. I often cook Indian or Thai style curries

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