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We are a team working for animals, for them to have a better life and stop being exploited for consumption. If you are an enthusiast of animal well-being, it will be perfect to have you here!

The tasks of our volunteers depend on the current needs of the sanctuary and we also consider the skills of every person who comes to help us, but in general we are mainly looking for:
- Construction and maintenance: construction of stables, feeders, fencing, etc. => this is what we currently need the most!!
- Animal feeding and care (putting food and water, cleaning the facilities, ...)
- Cooking (all vegan of course!)
- Cleaning and maintenance of the house
- Pruning and brushing
- Artistic tasks for our webshop/merchandising
Please keep in mind that is hard work!
Las tareas para voluntaries dependen de las necesidades del momento y también se tiene en cuenta las destrezas o características de cada persona que viene al santuario, pero sobre todo son:
- Construcción y mantenimiento: construcción de establos, comederos, vallado etc. => es lo que más necesitamos actualmente!!
- Alimentación y cuidado de les animales (poner comidas y aguas, limpieza de instalaciones, ...)
- Cocinar (por supuesto todo vegano!)
- Limpieza y mantenimiento de la casa
- Podar y desbrozar
- Tareas artísticas para nuestra tienda solidaria/merchandising

Por favor tener en cuenta que el trabajo es duro!

We are currently a team of three people, that work everyday for the welfare of more than one hundred animals. There are hens, sheep, goats, cows, horses, pigs, cats, dogs and more…


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The nature and the animals are amazing. Even the work was fine. But I was expecting 32 hours of work and one day off. That's not what you should expect. After a week of working I asked about my day off because I had already worked over the agreed hours...and I felt like I was the bad one because in their eyes I wasn't ready to whitness my free day for the animals. I didn't feel welcome and they didn't want me to stay if I didn't work the way they wanted me to so I Ieft after only 1week. I hope the communication and mindset will change because regarding the animals it's the best place for them!

hace 3 meses



I enjoyed my stay at the sanctuary! Sadly I had to leave early due to personal reasons, but I learned much in the time I was there. There is really much work and I was always exhausted at the end of the day, but the feeling of making a real impact is great. The sanctuary is kind of isolated in the middle of nature and the food is great!

hace 4 meses



It was a great adventure and experience. I learned a lot about dealing with animals and built a strength bond with them. The people were all nice and open to any kind of volunteers. I would do it again anytime

hace 11 meses



Fue una bonita experiencia, aprendí mucho sobre el veganismo y qué tan crueles podemos ser los humanos. Tal vez hubiese disfrutado más si no hubiese sido invierno, ya que el frío es infernal y no cuentan con calefactores para los voluntarios. Otro punto es sobre las horas de trabajo, ya que se trabaja más de lo acordado, pero eso no fue problema la verdad. Luna y Fanny son súper, y necesitan de mucha ayuda para que el santuario siga creciendo. Ojalá llegue más apoyo 🤞🏻

hace 1 año



Almas Veganas is nice place in the mountains where we take are of rescued animals. This experience helped me understand deeper what a sanctuary is, all the processes and, of course, the animals welfare! The tasks can be a bit hard, but it’s totally worth it! I enjoyed it so much that I extended my stay two months more! I like that the community has also a voice in other current social movements. Perfect for connecting with people, animals and learning about veganism and much more.

hace 1 año

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