Seagull Association for Transcultural Exchange and Peace

SAFTEP is a Moroccan nonprofit that helps marginalized communities through implementing programs throughout the year to support the Moroccan youth education, as well as extra curricular sports activities as a mechanism to reduce delinquency. Volunteers can help in many projects and collaborate with our staff and team work in planing and organizing as well as coming up with suggestions. -Volunteers help in: -Cultural pragrams -Teaching&Language classes -Sport sessions -Music&Arts -Travels around Morocco with Moroccans -help our staff to learn more IT techniques and promote the association online.

We are a group of young Moroccans who believe in change. Dedicated to helping our neighborhood surpass the challenges they face, we invest all of our resources in supporting the people reach their potential. It was Margret Mead words that let a fire in our hearts: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Aware of our community's toughest challenges, we decided to start with our neighborhood first. We have faced these challenges when we were kids. Back then we wished for a change, dreamt about it, and envisioned it until we almost touched it. Today, we make that vision a reality.


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I spent 18 days at seagull association and it was a really good experience. The kids are sooooo kind and lovely, and youness, Amel and all the people who participate in this project are awesome. I really enjoyed my days there and I will be back for sure !

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