Secret Forest, children camps in Finland

Our campsite is a former rural school, which is located in the forest, in 20 km from the city. There is clean and calm environment. Our camps are small, max. 35 kids and around 10 adults including volunteers. Each our camp is thematic and language camp. During 12 days of camp we become as a big family. like solid community. And is is very difficult to tell good buy at the end. We invite you to become a part of our small community, to enjoy active and positive camp life.

I'm Inna and I'm director of this camp. Our teachers come with kids from Russia. All of them very positive and they are committed to their work with kids.


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El proyecto es una excelente idea, lamentablemente la descripción de las tareas y las horas de trabajo no son realmente las descritas. Se espera demasiado de los voluntarios y no hay tiempo libre. El lugar es hermoso y los chicos son un encanto, Inna la dueña es una buena mujer, solo le falta organizar mejor la relación de los voluntarios con los profesores rusos que acompañan a los chicos. Arreglado eso, vuelvo encantada.




Being a volunteer at secret forest camp has good and bad things like almost every place you will go. Regarding the bad things, you work way more than 25 hours a week (35 hours a week at the least) and you dont have free days during your stay. So if your plan is to travel or do your things when you are not teaching english, this is definitely not the place for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy spending the whole day with the teens not only teaching but doing activities with them the whole day, you will have a good time and this is the camp for you.


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