Shantee House

Over the years we have been working with travelers from all around the world and we are very lucky to have met amazing people who are part of our Family by now. We created a peaceful nest in the heart of Budapest for those who are seeking tranquility and open to social interactions at the same time. We opened our doors to dear fellow travellers 22 years ago in 1993 as a Backpacker Guesthouse, at that time we were the only hostel in Budapest. After two decades, in 2013 we made a complete renovation and that was the birth of the new house.

Attila in the early years of his life fell in love with backpacking and followed his dreams to create this beautiful home to share with those who choose to walk on the same path. The design of the house has been inspired from Attila’s travels around the world, especially from Asia. The focus of our team is to provide a cozy and tranquil atmosphere to make you feel at home. Whether you are travelling alone – are young or old, with family or friends, groups or students for long term stay – we are warmly welcoming you to our little paradise in the city. Our spacious and colorful house with lovely zen garden gives a unique and joyful experience.

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