Your opportunity to be part of creating a cozy old style unique hostel in a world heritage city also known as the city of temples and different festivals named Bhaktapur which is 13km away from the capital of Nepal Kathmandu. HI, I am Shekhar, born and raised in Bhaktapur, Nepal. I already own a shared home and I am currently working on the neighboring small old traditional house(made of mud and wood in a local way little bit modified) to make it a hostel. That is what I need your help for! The future hostel is in a good general shape, but it needs some interior (my idea is to make it as possible as we can with the old Newari tradition stuff), we need to clean up,make the place as cozy and welcoming as possible (work 4h/day)!if interested 24hrs a day haha.

I am Shekhar open minded, a thirties man born in small city Bhaktapur (= "City of Devotees", lively museum, World heritage city) in the Kathmandu Valley, at 13 kilometers from the capital. Bhaktapur is an old cultural Newari city with many famous Hindus temples (Durbar Square, tallest temple of Nepal Nyatapola temple, Dattatraya...) and Buddhist stupas. You can taste typical Newari food (the famous yogurt of the city = Juju Dhau!), drinks (chyang, Roksi, nepali beer...). You can enjoy Newari and Nepali music. Around Bhaktapur, the countryside is really beautiful with waterfalls, birds, butterflies, Tamang villages, hindu temples...I'm passionate about my city. I am married, 2 children: Pranav and Pratham In my family we are 5members my mom and my wife living in the next house nearby can add more members if you are interested. I can make you spend a great stay with our walks in the city and around lots of small alleys real "Bhaktapur" (to meet craftsmen and their beautiful realizations in wood/stone/jewelries/Gurkha's knives..., right places to eat and to drink, Hindus and Buddhist temples with some explanations, other nice and important programs, my friends...) and our participative workshops in the guest house/hostel to make it even better. My guest house is at 5min walk from the main hinduist temples, Durbar square, Dattatraya, Taumadhi Squares. I can pick you up anywhere nearby with my motorbike or if you want you can test Nepalese taxis and buses ;-). I have no employees in my 7 bedroom sharedhome, I manage it alone. so if you can help, like taking care of/housekeeping it, you can do it as allrounder not must do it. after reading this if you are in for sure you are one of the good friend and may be you can be one of the member of future cosy old hostel as well.

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