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Winter 2019/2020. Our weather is much like Seattle just a little cooler. The farm operation slows in the winter months and I have plenty of work to do in our shop building new oyster trays and equipment for the oyster farm and shrimp pots/traps. We are hopping to build a new greenhouse #2 or at least get started on it this winter and our good friend Gary is building a house adjacent to ours and could use a little help from time to time. Gary is purchasing the equipment to do cedar tong and grove for the interior and we will dry the cedar then do the tong and grove process, should be a fun project Its an experience!! Our area offers so much in the area of sightseeing & wildlife viewing. Our oyster farm is a unique experience for the traveler and you will meet other folks in the area that will welcome you as we will. The oyster farm is 5 miles from the Naukati Bay Marina by water, most of our guests have wanted to run the boats and I encourage them and enjoy teaching small boat handling and basic gps marine navigation, its just another great experience for those that have not spent much time around the water . At the farm I may have you counting oysters and placing them back in trays or pressure washing trays but I promise not to work you to death. While at the farm we often see Humpback Whale, Orca Whale, seal and sea otter within a few hundred feet (100 meters). This is such a cool place, Beverly and I often think about leaving because at our age Island life can get a little old but then we both ask 'Where would we rather be?" .

I am 67 years old and Beverly is a couple years older then me. We live somewhat of a subsistence lifestyle however we still have most of the comforts. I have two grown children and Beverly has 4 most of who enjoy leaving their homes in California to come visit and enjoy our lifestyle We are a small oyster farm in Southeast Alaska in business since 2009. Our farm is 5 miles from the Naukati Bay marina by water and we have a house and green house on land. Beverly does not go to the farm with me much and needs some assistance around the house in the greenhouse and general house keeping. Beverly also delivers oysters to the airport up to twice a week and picks up supplies and can use help in driving to town (50 miles away) and packing boxes. Our guests are always welcome to come out to the farm with me and get involved in washing, counting and boxing oysters. I also have some very cool mariculture projects underway with other species. There is just a lot of fun things to do that involve work, not hard work, but work that can involve fun things where we also see a ton of sea-life, whale, otters, seal, sealion, sea birds, Bald Eagles and on and on. So far our volunteer guests have enjoyed working with Beverly in the greenhouse, sportfishing, whale watching and learning about our oyster/maricultural business. It has been as much a rewarding experience for us as for our guests. We have a very nice two bedroom cabin fully furnished, we also have a guest room in our house. Our guests are welcome to use our washer dryer anytime. We have TV, Internet WIFI Other then the usual marine life viewing and sportfishing our guests have also explored the Karst caves at El Capetian and sightseeing on the island. Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska; we are some 80 miles west of Ketchikan, Alaska and located near the community of Naukati Bay which is 30 miles north of Craig, Alaska. Prince of Wales Island is the 3rd largest Island in the United States behind Kodiak Island and the Island of Hawaii. The climate in the Southern panhandle of Alaska is similar to Seattle just a few degrees cooler. We are actually in Naukati Bay, which is about 50 miles north of Craig, Alaska on paved roads, however, we have to go to Craig/Klawock to get supplies, mail and ship boxes of oysters. The airport is in Klawock where our guests fly to (, you can also get here by a 3 hour very nice ferry ride from Ketchikan ( Alaska Airlines fly's into Ketchikan.


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it was an incredible experience, I would do it again, the most beautiful place I went


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While I was there the weather was very Alaska! I felt like I was experiencing what it would truly be like to live up there. Gregg was very welcoming and great to work with. When we weren't at the farm we went for hikes, and fishing. It was a great experience & I would definitely do it again.


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Katrina was a breath of fresh air around here. Always willing to dive in and help out, very pleasant and fun lady!!

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