ShikokuIsland Wind Family Farm

Do you know Shikoku of Japan? It has a unique culture different from Tokyo and Osaka. And we live in Kochi Prefecture-Motoyama, a small village with beautiful forests, many forests and mountains. There are many rice terraces with a history of 400 years. However, the rice terraces have been devastated by the declining population. We want to regenerate desolated rice terraces and balance agriculture with economy and nature conservation. I am farming with my family and a few friends. Organic farming of tomatoes, sweet potatoes and many other vegetables. It's a small project, but people aren't always enough. Because many young people go to big cities. You have to do a lot of things. So I want your power. We look for volunteers who can respect and be flexible. Do not do dangerous work.

Hello, my name is Yoshinaga. (Please call Yoshinaga-san) My family is a wife, three children (two adults), and a dog. And small animals. I started my own farm 20 years ago. The vegetable field has several fields. I make vegetables by organic farming. Many of them grow from spring to autumn. A small farm just for my wife and me. There are 2ha. There is a green house. You need a volunteer. I want some of your power. Can understand a little English. If not, I will try. Volunteer work is from 8:30 am to 12:00 am Let's eat lunch together. Afternoon and weekend are your off hours. You cook breakfast and dinner yourself. I will provide you with most food ingredients. Your room is a self-contained guesthouse that is a handmade renovation of the Green House. Private bedroom, Wifi, kitchen, laundry machine, ecology toilet, hot shower, bicycle, bike are all free. There are public baths, convenience stores, supermarkets, coffee shops, post offices and drug stores near the guesthouse. And there is a beautiful river nearby. You can walk, fish, kayak and swim. Trek in the mountains, meditate in temples, sing loudly, play guitar. I am unable to accept many guests. You only have one set. I want to share my time. You can have a Japanese way of thinking that you cannot experience in a city. I'm waiting for you nice I look forward to meeting you and me, someone I can respect. You don't need much money here. There is a lot to learn. And tell your story. We're waiting for you. Let's make one page of memories together.

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