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My place, a 15m sailboat located in Marina Del Rey, CA. This is an opportunity to experience life on the water. Most of the time I am moored at the dock and take weekend day sails.
And sometimes we take a 3-4 day trip to Catalina Island (about 55 km across the water).
I try to live a life without stress.

I am an independent architect with no staff. As i stated above my work place is laid back. There are a few easy rules to follow and all will be an enjoyable experience


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Tom is very kind and friendly. Having a boat as a stay was incredible and innovative. The time that I spent as a volunteer was full of great experience and opportunities, such as sailing on the sea. The location is excellent and beautiful.

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Tom is an excellent person. We went to a beautiful New Year's Eve party at the Yatch Club. I am very grateful to have had such a special New Year's Eve.
The location is excellent! The closest beach (5 minutes walk) is Venice Beach, the vibe is wonderful! From there you can walk to Santa Monica Pier (20min +-), which is beautiful!! Marina Del Rey is a sensational place. By car you are an hour from Hollywood, but you can also go by bus.
The tasks are super simple, just organize the boat.
Working hours are respected. Recommend!

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I would like to start by giving my special thanks to Tom. Tom is one of the most special people I've ever met. I had one of the best experiences of my life. I highly recommend this experience.

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Thanks Mr. Norris!

This one is a genuine World 🌎 Packers gift in accomodations. Tom makes the "Best" breakfast in the world~

Absolutely 💯 wonderful STAY

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Tom was and is amazing! I helped around with the boat, cleaned, waxed the outside and learned a lot about sailboats. Work freetime balance is great and i can't complain about anything. Thank you so much for the time and treating me this nicely throughout.

I am happy to call you my Friend Tom! I hope to see you soon.

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