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My place, a 15m sailboat located in Marina Del Rey, CA. This is an opportunity to experience life on the water. Most of the time I am moored at the dock and take weekend day sails. And sometimes we take a 3-4 day trip to Catalina Island (about 55 km across the water). I try to live a life without stress.

I am an independent architect with no staff. As i stated above my work place is laid back. There are a few easy rules to follow and all will be an enjoyable experience

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It was my first experience as worldpacker and I had a really great time with Tom! He is an amazing host, respectful and careful. His boat is beautiful and very confortable! I also had an immersive cultural experience with his american friends.
Thank you so much, Tom! 🤗

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Mr Norris is a perfect gentleman with a great lifestyle & beautiful friends. While visiting I completed many tasks including deep cleaning (not required), preparing meals (enjoyed together), dinner at the Yacht club, grocery outings in the dinghy. We went sailing both weekends and were joined by friends. We had a beautiful time. My evenings were free & the separation of the rooms made it comfortable to come home & not disturb anyone. Highly recommended

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It was my first volunteering and an amazing experience, Tom is a very respectful and super friendly person, he makes you feel welcome. At all times he allowed me to have free time and offered to support me in whatever I wanted or had to do. Being on his boat was a nice adventure, we sailed to Catalina Island for a few days and it was really fun the party that took place on the island those days. Without a doubt an experience that I would live again.
And although my English is not the best, he always tried to find the words to understand and communicate at all times.

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it was an incredible experience. Tom is a really nice person. To sail, to live in a beautiful boat in a unique place. I recomend to everybody. Probably the best worldpacker you can find in this web. Thanks Tom for all your atenttion and for 20 amazing days.

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Maria was a great guest! She better organized my galley for more efficient use. She kept the boat very clean. Maria has the personality for reaching out and making friends with everyone she comes in contact with.



This experience of living in a boat for 2 weeks was amazing!!! Going to sleep and waking up looking to the sea, watching the sunrise and sunset from the boat is so wonderful. I felt so blessed every single day.
Tom is so nice, also his friends! I felt very welcome. It was my best experience as a worldpacker so far! Thank you so much :)

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