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*** Please read our entire listing and note that we require a minimum of two weeks from our volunteers*** *****We only accept solo travelers! No couples or people traveling together***** Sawatdee Ka! We are a small guesthouse situated in the heart of Bangkok. Our unique location (in a real Thai neighborhood) is what makes us different from other guesthouses. We have 22 beds: one 10-bed dorm, one 8-bed dorm, and one 4-bed dorm. Because of our small size, we are able to give much more personal attention to our guests. We prefer to take the guests out for meals, drinks, markets, and clubs ourselves. The guesthouse is run by a group of open-minded friends who have traveled around extensively. We are seeking like-minded people to join in on our journey. Please only apply if your stay here is going to be in the next month or two as we cannot book people in any further in advance. And please note we don't accept couples or friends traveling together, we prefer lone travelers. If this sounds good for you then what are you waiting for? Come and be part of one of the best guesthouses in BKK! Check our profile in Trip Advisor for reviews!

Here is some info on the job: We ask volunteers to work 2-morning shifts (8 am- 1 pm) and 1 or 2 night shifts (8 pm – 8 am) per week (depends on how many volunteers we have). The morning shift involves basic tidying up, emptying some bins, check in’s and helping guests. Night shifts are similar but you’ll stay downstairs overnight. You can usually, sleep after about 1 am on the sofa but you’ll need to wake up If guests need something or if there are some late check-ins. The other part of being a volunteer here is about making the guests feel at home, even when you are not on shift. We go out together a lot so we want volunteers to join in with this, and you will be expected to lead guests out for a drink or ask them to join you when you go out to eat or explore. A lot of our guests want to go out for drinks in the evenings, so for this reason we prefer sociable volunteers and who also enjoy this kind of thing. We really rely on volunteers to get the guests interested and having a good time. Please don't accept the position if you won’t be getting the guests together to do something with you. We are not interested in volunteers who just want to do their shift then hide away in their dorm and not get involved, just as we are not interested in volunteers who just wanna party and then be too hungover to work their shift. Our volunteers love it here. Most come back again and again and the work is very simple. It is very laid back here and you can spend your shifts hanging out, watching films, drinking with guests or pretty much however you want. We work as a team and we enjoy doing it. Everyone is treated equally. So if you wanna have a nice place to stay and want to explore Bangkok with other people, have fun with our guests and feel the vibe home away from home then we're very sure you'll love it here. If you have any other concerns or inquiries regarding this volunteering position, don't hesitate to reach us out here or on our facebook page at Siam Journey Guesthouse. Unfortunately, we don’t provide food, only accommodation, but the food is really cheap around here.

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Being in Siam Journey is like being part of their cosy family! the hostel is not such big, this make us to know each other better. Young athmosphere, all nights we join in the hall, chating, watching films, sharing our travel experiences.
Cathy is an easy-going and extroverted manager :)
The location is perfect, close to MRT and shopping malls, but at the same time not to noisy. Moreover, the shift schedule allows to explore the city easily.
Wonderful experience, where I've met awesome people.
Thanks Cathy and Anita, :) :)

10 meses atrás


The hostel is a family style small hostel hidden from the main roads, will be difficult to find at first. Best to ask the driver to drop you by QUEST COFFEE or PHAYA THAI BTS station.just a short walk to the hostel.

All the staff are friendly, a place of good&open minded people.

Strongly recommend it!

11 meses atrás


Best volunteering experience so far! If you want to get that "home" feeling, volunteer at Siam Journey :) The hours were agreed before hand and the work is quite straight forward. I met amazing people, made great friends and Anita, the owner, was super nice with me.
Absolutely recommend this place to have an amazing Bangkok experience!

11 meses atrás


I had such a nice time in Siam Journey! The 2 owners, two lovely Thai girls, were always around, very kind with the volunteers. The Manager, Agnes, is an amazing person, always motivating us to have some fun or do something nice. The place has a great atmosphere, where guests and staffs always have the opportunity of interaction. We were always playing games, talking to each other, watching movies or even cooking together. The location is pretty good, is in a calm and chill area, where you can forget a bit the chaos of Bangkok and feel more relaxed. I'd stay for 2 weeks and end up for 1 month.

1 año atrás


i love it

1 año atrás

Perfecto para ti si estás buscando