Sidai home

We provide basic needs such us shelter,education and food to the needy and vulnerable and children.(street children/orphans).

We also provide medical suplies and offer guiding and counselling sessions to ensure that some children that may have been sexually or morally abused come back to normal.

We are committed to give the best life can offer and we kindly invite you to joins us and assist where possible.

We work with people from all over the world regardless of colour,race or tribe.

My name is moshila peter.I'm the coordinator of sidai children centre and faraja children home which I have done for seven years. Our stuff respectful and disciplined workers though are few and therefore needs volluteers to help in currying out some tasks they would like to give their time and effort.these tasks are as follows:help to walk some sick children to a close public hospital for treatment,help in kitchen,loundry work and or assist children finish homework e.t.c ALL ARE WELCOME.

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