Everything up here is an adventure and enjoying life in this beautiful spot is something out of a dream. Just mesmerizing. Having said this, living beyond the Arctic Circle is challenging, so volunteers can truly see if they are up to it! The freezing temperatures, the heavy snow, the northern lights, the arctic culture. Every aspect of our polar way of life captivates the imagination right away, and even after you are gone, your heart will remain above the Arctic Circle forever.

Property owner is called Mats, 45, originally from Finland. He moved to Kiruna a few years ago, and built a beautiful village along the river Torne that runs Tours & Acommodation for people visiting Swedish Lapland. He lives close by, so he is regularly visiting "the Camp", as he likes to call it. Nowadays, the SkyVillage (aka: "the camp") is daily run by other workers such as the Camp Manager or Wilderness guides. In order to volunteer here at SkyVillage you need to be self-driven and socially engaging with the rest of the team at the camp premises. Life up in the north is already harsh given the weather conditions, so we would love people with the sort of personality which does not depend on the sunshine. Important: no excuse for being lazy due to heavy weather! We have been closed for 1 season due to the worldwide covid outbreak, so we need are truly excited to be open once again :) Do you have what it takes? there are a lot of things to do before winter arrives, and many tasks where you can help make SkyVillage pretty again. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------STAFF & WORK: We are very capable group of people who handle both the accommodation and the wilderness guided tours. We love having day trips and enjoying outdoor quality time everytime we can, but since this is a tourist business, there are a lot of different jobs which involve being in contact with guests 24/7. Some of the jobs include: check-in, check-out, cleaning rooms, serving breakfast, but also helping the guides handling tours in the wild. Most of our work-load is based upon reservations, but as you can imagine, arctic life has a lot of unforseen events and problems that need to be solved on the spot, so you will be expected to be around (unless it is your free day, of course). Anyway, we tend to be pretty straightforward with the work calendar so that everyone can arrange their free time as they please :) there is always plenty of time to enjoy Kiruna, Kurravaara, the Torne River, Abisko and the magnificent wilderness around the hotel. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ACCOMMODATION & FOOD: You'll be sharing a cottage with other helpers (maximum of 2 per cabin) and be given the opportunity to shop (with a budget) once a week with the other members of the staff*. Take into consideration that there are no supermarkets or shops in the nearby area, so everything that needs to be bought needs to be planned in advance. *alcohol, cigarettes and personal hygiene supplies are not included. *cannot keep up with vegan requirements. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WINTER CLOTHES: We can provide jackets, pants and boots, but you are expected to bring everything you think you might need to survive the winter up here! (temperatures can reach -30 or less sometimes). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EXTRA CONSIDERATIONS Due to previous experiences with volunteers, we have settled a "trial period" of 2 weeks for both sides in which any party (you or us) can cancel the agreement without any further issues. ********* IMPORTANT* Due to Covid-19, we expect you to go through the required OMS vaccination before arriving to Kiruna ********* Please, do not hesitate to ask for further information if you are having doubts :) Greetings from the Arctic Circle. Hope to see you soon!


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Great way to experience the life near the arctics! The host and the teammates were very welcoming and always up for fun activities! Had the opportunity to do all the amazing tours and enjoy the local culture! Most importantly, it's the best way to hunt for northern lights!!!

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thank you :) come back any time!

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